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What good is Tank Shock?
Old 29 Aug 2007, 15:43   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default What good is Tank Shock?

I am starting a Tau army and I am looking at offensive options. One of these is tank shocking with a Hammerhead or Devilfish. My issue comes in seeing the good that it really does.

I understand Tank Shock but all I see are infantry moving aside and not really being affected by it. I don't want to sound ignorant, but I am inexperienced with this and am curious to know what Tank Shock would be good for in game.

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Default Re: What good is Tank Shock?

Best use I have found is tank shocking the enemy off an objective so I could grab it.
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Default Re: What good is Tank Shock?

They have to pass a morale test before they can move aside or attempt a death or glory, so you might make a unit flee. Tank shock isn't a tactic that you should rely on. It's something you might use occasionally if you really need a unit moved out of the way, or if a unit without an anti-tank weapon happens to be in your path.
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Default Re: What good is Tank Shock?

Well, one thing is that you can use it to get some use out of those weaponless transport vehicles who's occupants are no longer in need of their services. It risks the destruction of the transport, but it's both a hell of a lot more interesting and potentially far more effective than just sitting there.

Another use is to force you opponent to move their units out of a particular position. Say a unit is standing on a piece of juicy 4+ cover. Let's also up the ante and say they're eldar pathfinders. So unless you have a flamer up your sleeve they're going to be ignoring 5/6 of the wounds they take. Now what if you could force them off that cover. Well, a clever tank shock just might do it. Of course you'll have to risk immobilizing, or even destroying your tank, but if it's a weaponless un-needed transport, it could be a game winner.

Also consider what would happen if you wanted to charge past an enemy unit that was blocking your path. Unless you have something like a jump pack, you'll have to make a hole in them. That hole can easily be made with our good friend, Mr. Tank. You can use the tank to plow a hole in the blocking units so your assault troops can run through and butcher the crunchy units cowering behind. Of particular note is that this could potentially be used to defeat the "Fish of Fury" maneuver. It'll take a tank with a good frontal armour value moving quite fast, but it could easily get those devilfishes out of the way. So if you're playing tau, you might wanna be on the lookout for that one, although I suspect not many people are crazy enough to try it!

A final thing to remember is that you CAN tank shoock other vehicles. If your armour is high enough they'll be forced to move out of the way. Walkers are the only vehicles that are capable of a death or glory attack in these circumstances. However, I have seen a dreadnought get run over by a weaponless hammerhead and trust me, it is damn funny when it happens!
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Default Re: What good is Tank Shock?

Tank Shock won me a game in a tournament. I was playing Necrons. He had two Destoryer's in units of one side by side. First turn I shot and killed one. His turn he passed his WBB roll and formed a unit two. Two turns later I tanked shocked the unit of two. He rolled an 11 and fled 3d6 inches back. Start of his turn they were still with in 6" of my rhino and the continued to fall back 3d6 off the board edge. As luck would have it this caused him to phase out.

I also had a friend keep tank shocking the same unit with two rhinos inorder to me away from the objective.
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Old 29 Aug 2007, 16:17   #6 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Jun 2007
Posts: 43
Default Re: What good is Tank Shock?

OK, so you are, at the very least, looking at moving a unit ~4-6". Best case scenario you are making a unit fall back. Here are some other questions:

1. If a unit is already falling back and are tank shocked, do they just fall back another 2D6, or take an additional morale check?

2. If a unit fails their "Death or Glory" attempt, the rules say that they must give way. Does that mean a Morale Check and potential fall back, or only the fall back. The reason for this is that you could potentially have 2 chances to pass morale then...

3. Can skimmer tanks move over anything (because they are skimmers) and still tank shock?

4. Can fast skimmers tank shock in their 24" of movement?

Thanks for the replies. I just want to understand this better if I am going to use it.
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Default Re: What good is Tank Shock?

1. Morale I believe
2. They already passed, so they just move
3. I believe so
4. Yes
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Default Re: What good is Tank Shock?

Icer is right.
Except of point 3... I think you can't. You must either tank shock all the way, or not at all. You can't tank shock like this as far as I can recall.

Tank ------- Units 1 ------>X Unit 2

You can't jump over unit one and shock unit 2. I think you must shock both...


BUT, thing to remmeber!

-> Must be "tank" So piranha or land speeder can't do it.
-> As RZ said in sensor spine topic (I'll take his word for it), Skimmers CAN NOT enter terrain! That means No tank shocking pathfinders out of the terrain. Fortunately if you will add sensor spines, our skimmer will be able to enter terrain.


Well, on the uses of Tank Shock, Fishy is right. Mostly scare away units from the objective and snatch it yourself. You can try to scare away unit (make it fall back), or push it from cover.
***Note on cover. Tau have soo many ways to negate it. Marker lights, AFP, Flamer, and Tank shock***

I hope I helped ^_^

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Default Re: What good is Tank Shock?

I've had my scarabs shocked out of 4+ cover into the open, where they got moved down by scatterlasers. I had been counting on cover saves so I hadn't turbo boosted. It can be a useful tactic, and as Fish 'Ead says, certainly far better than just sitting the transport there.

I view the new Chaos Rhino's as the ultimate in Tank Shock, that price for a forced morale test? Too good.
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Default Re: What good is Tank Shock?

Just to clarify, units that fail their death or glory attempt don't fall back from a marauding tank, they merely "give way" in the prescribed manner (ie. move out of the way via the shortest distance).
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