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ordinary heros
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Default ordinary heros

i was just wondering. throughout my 40k career there has always been one model who outdoes himself in almost every battle. i mean literaly. ok they may be pretty tough alredy but it seems every battle they pull of amazing feats of dice rolls.

for example: my old IG army had a Veteran Storm Trooper sargeant with Honorifica Imperialis. even now, when i gave my army to my brother the same character continues to outdo himself. For an example, once while fighting Ultramarines, the Vet. Sgt, lost his entire squad, and the infantry platoon (3 squads) that was in support to a charge from the Ultramarines assault squad. They only lost 1 out of 6 troopers, but the Vet. Sgt, rallied on a last man standing test and proceded to single handedly cut down the entire assualt squad, 1 at a time. it was absolutely awesome.

the odd thing is that this seems a continuosly occuring thing, that Vet sgt continues to do something cool everybattle he's involved in. in My Brother's Ultra Marine army the Assualt squad sargeant has Terminator Honours, but even then thats not too amazing, yet he has succesfully pulled off quality stuff, that isn't so awesome, but somehow are so cinematic.

do other peopl have these, almost ordinary guys who usually manage to do something cool, or is it less common than i would think. i find its a coincidence that every army i play has one ordinary character who always pulls off cool stuff, i mean just plain lucky stuff. do other people have these characters?

now they're almost like a mascot, like the army has no hope of winning without them, though that is definetly psycological on my part
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Many Bothans died to bring this thread back on topic
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Default Re: ordinary heros

I have one Carnivore squad shaper with an eviscerator from my kroot mercs army who is always at the rear of battle, but sees the most combat, typically in a game-winning manner. One game against Dark Angels, He took out a rhino, pinning the squad within, assaulted them while my shaper council took out the other rhino nearby. He later gets locked in combat by the enemy commander, his whole unit dies from other assaults (including the shaper council), but he takes out the enemy commander in the process.

In another game against Tau, after being repeatedly tank-shocked by a devilfish and failing leadership tests, he finally passes, steps aside, and moves around to the back of the devilfish. I managed to roll a single 6 to hit, penetrated, and destroyed it. I just pictured him leaping after it as the devilfish swooped low overhead, catching a hold on the landing gear, and carving a long split along the bottom of the skimmer with his eviscerator as he leaps off, causing it to be torn in half by the force of it's own engines, before landing dramatically with the eviscerator still chugging over one shoulder as the wreckage tumbles to the earth behind him.
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Default Re: ordinary heros

My old Storm trooper srg. (these guys are just plain bad ass :P) Held off an Ork warboss with a bunch of boys for the entire game, ultimately allowing me to win.

He also once took out 3 terminators before being power fisted to death.

I don't much luck like this nowadays ><.
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Default Re: ordinary heros

In my old tau army I had a single firewarrior kill a bloodthirster 8). The thing is that it was a 500 point battle and it was me with two standard tau squads (pulse rifles and the sort) along with a Crisis commander that owned ;D. Yet, it was a massacre. I killed many of his men but when i killedhis vet sarge in one of his squads it called in the mighty thirster itself! I shot at it and it alone for 1 turn and it was down to a single wound. So as it was being whittled down the warriors marched on and they came on me rear flank. My crisis commander held them off and the warriors were forced into combat with the thirster. The commander died and the Chaos massacred into combat with my remaining warriors. So with all my last fight I aimed all attacks towards the thirster and killed it with my one shas'ui's two attacks. I lost anyway :P


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Default Re: ordinary heros

My roommate is playing a game the other night, his Sisters of Battle against a Necron force. He's spent the first five turns walking toward their lines, his Sisters devastated by Gauss weaponry. At this point, the Necrons haven't lost a man - not even a scarab base.

Finally, his Canoness charges into combat with a 12 man Warrior Squad. She takes down three of them without receiving a wound. The Necrons lose combat, take their moral test... and fail. So the Canoness rolls for a sweeping advance, and... the die tie. The entire squad is destroyed, no We'll Be Backs allowed. It was phenomenal. A gaming-changing development at the bottom of the fifth.
Originally Posted by Col.Angus
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Default Re: ordinary heros

In my first and only game of Fantasy (thanks to Battle for Skull Pass) the Dwarf Warrior Champion killed 2 spider riders, while the Dwarves taking no other casulties, effectively killing all of them via break test failure ;D. From there they moved up and killed two units of 20 Spear Goblins. I didn't lose a single unit that game (but I lost 3 miners T.T)

Now, onto 40k. For every army I have had a unit that's done more then it's own fair share of damage.

For my Tau army, in first is my Kroot Shaper. My Kroot Shaper, in the first game I played with him, managed to kill some-odd 10 Marines, and 10 Imperial Guardsmen. Throughout his career with the Tau he has managed to get rid of at least one dangerous squad before finally being taken down. his record includes Seraphim, Cannoness(es), Retributors, Devastators, Chosen, Daemonettes, a Great Unclean One, and myriads of other opponents.

Also for my Tau army is my Stealth Team's Shas'Vre. In the course of his life, I have made blundering mistakes and lived to tell the tale. Weather it be taking out an assault squad before they managed to do anything, or leading a slower squad into a game of hide and seek to get them out of the game, he has been one of the most important models in my army and I never play a game without him if I can help it.

Now for my Dark Eldar, there was this one really cool Sybarite I had. In a Mega Battle at the Games Workshop nearest me, I was playing my Dark Eldar and the Eldar team was taking quite a beating from the Power Armored side of the assault. Now the thing to remember is in this game, we were playing one side Marines and Sisters of Battle, and the other side being Guard and Tyranids. My last model in a warrior squad (Sybarite) had nothing else to do, and Terminators in possible range. So I move up, fleet of foot, and assault. Those 4 Agonizer attacks hit the 5 man Terminator squad and I killed 2 of them. Not bad, but I had the rest of the power armored side to deal with! After a couple of turns the Sybarite was in combat with a Cannoness, a Space Marine Captain, and a Chaplain, but still wasn't scratched ^_^

And in my Eldar army, my Scatter Laser platform has taken out ungodly amounts of Tyranid Gaunts. And by that I mean when they reach our lines assaulting is a bad idea because the squad will be wiped out....
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Default Re: ordinary heros

I knew there was something special about my first ever warlock ever when in my first game he survived four power axe wounds in one go.

The guy to date has taken down at least 5 dreadnoughts in close combat.
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Default Re: ordinary heros

My Reapoer Exarch, while he often has 'off-battles' maybe once in three he is off, he tends to blow up and/or massacre entire squads of Marines on his own. He even beat a marine captain to death.

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Default Re: ordinary heros

My Emperor's Champion has repeatedly walked through Tyranid armies, Detonated the engine on a basilisk, and killed everything living in his General Viscinity. And then in other games he does nothing.

I had my Dreadnought hold out against a Flyrant for 3 turns, eventually getting him down to one wound, and he was immoblized, with no weapons left when we had to stop.
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Default Re: ordinary heros

Heh, my scouts, can't kill em, at all.

Particularly my heavy bolter scout, withstood 2 DE carbines firing, then later fell back. There is a river where my scouts usually infiltrate, he had a fall back move after, 2 inches. Any more and it would've killed him, he then continued be a pain in my opponent's arse.

Maybe it's my luck. As other astounding things have happened, like a small command squad killing a full DE squad, twice, after taking the full volley of their fire.

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