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Codex vehicle discrepency question
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Default Codex vehicle discrepency question

Sorry if this has been asked before but here goes.

What is the accepted situation for when a discrepency exists between vehicle descriptions from on codex to another?

For example the Witch Hunters entry for the Chimera makes no mention of the hull mounted las-guns. In fact, in the fluff entry accompanying it, is says the passengers fire their las-guns from ports on the hull.

Now my inclination would be to cross reference with the codex that includes the more detailed description but some may see this as exploitative and trying to gain feature that specific variant should not have.

Is it just my imagination or is this a general problem with 4th ed? There seems to be little standardised information available that all codexes can refer to. Does the Wargear book standardise this stuff or does it just gather together all the various codex versions? Or for that matter, does it not include things like vehicles at all?
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Default Re: Codex vehicle discrepency question

Wargear includes vehicle equipment and general weapon stats, but, imo, is Klkn, as most of the codices referenced there are still 3rd ed. :-\
As to the hull-mounted las-guns, look at the more recent codex, if there is no entry in the 'dex for that vehicle, then use the vehicles 'parent' 'dex.

The real problem with 4th Ed. is that it's taking too long to appropriately update all the codices. (as the updated Codices do have standardised info)
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Default Re: Codex vehicle discrepency question

Yeah the Wargear book was a lame lame cash grab.

Also it was so poorly written it gave Dark Eldar jet bikes an advantage they never had before.

Unfortunatley if your going by the rules the stats for everything in your army come from your codex. Technically speaking, Witch/Daemon hunters actually use a different type of Assault cannon. :
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