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Want to bring back the squats/demiurg?
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Default Re: Want to bring back the squats/demiurg?

This topic seems to come up all the time. I think the only appeal of the squats is that they are now the "legendary lost race." They were cool back in 2nd edition but that had more of an free and loose feel that the more recent versions of 40k. Squats fit back then but they would not fit well now. Demiurg are an interesting take on "space dwarves" but are probably best left in fluff, although the concept sketch was really cool. Maybe they would work as a Tau allied unit but I really don't think 40k needs a new army for quite awhile. They can't even update the current ones in a timely manner, so why create more new ones?
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Default Re: Want to bring back the squats/demiurg?

If I may add something. Squats were never a race on they own, they were just abhumans like ogryns and ratligs - dwarves were heavy-g people, which explained their shorteness, rubustness and strength.

As such, they can be ressurected - another addition to the Imperium, or another unique guard regiment, maybe with high WS, low-avg BS (2+sharpshooters?), good weapons (like bolters) and increased toughness, things which would also be separately available as Doctrines. Increased heavy weapon options and maybe power armors in their armory and that's it. That's the way I'd like it the most.

And no, beards not required. Just robustness, around 5' of height, maybe also a little more freedom and arogance than ordinary imperial humans.

But, as a full new race? No.
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the squats should be brought back to 40K because they add character and they could have easily survived a tyranid assult
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