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Want to bring back the squats/demiurg?
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Default Re: Want to bring back the squats/demiurg?

IMO, the Tau should be given a single unit that is Demiurg, tank for infantry...

And there should be like, a "Dogs of War" Squat mercenary squad. I mean c'mon SOME of the buggers have to be left...
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Default Re: Want to bring back the squats/demiurg?

Originally Posted by E7 (Aun)
This fantasy crossovers are just bad for the fluff. Examples?

Eldar. Everyone looks at them and says: "Oh, my! They`re elfs! Surely they must be selfless saviours of the universe, sacrificing their lives for the lesser beings!", when in reality, they are nothing more than a bunch egoistic T'auk'cka'era who only care for themself.

Crossovers to fantasy destroy the "original" fluff of 40K, so I vetoe the "Space Dwarfs" (even though I`m playing dwarfs in WHFB).

Eldar are NOT bad for fluff. I meant that the Eldar in 40K are radically different from the Elfs in WHFB - and that a lot of people nevertheless think they are the same, fluffwise - just because they have a "space elves" feel on them. And this mistake is bad for the 40K fluff.

How is this example bad for fluff? It makes them far different from the High Elf's of WHFB and from Elf's of other games/storeys.

And besides, Eldar was the second race invented for 40K right after the Imperium. Their about as ""original" fluff of 40K" as you can get!
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Default Re: Want to bring back the squats/demiurg?

I think they should be brought back, but only as an add-on to the Imperium (like Ogryns/Space Ogres ;D)
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Default Re: Want to bring back the squats/demiurg?

I agree with CmdrBonesaw. They were from a time when 40k and WHFB were in the same universe, but they are no longer. Besides, they were almost too stupid to fit in with our Grim Darkness of the Far Future. (TM) :
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Default Re: Want to bring back the squats/demiurg?

No the Squats deserve to stay where they are (In the gullet of some hive fleet).

The Demiurg should be included as a mercenary faction for the Tau. Perhaps with a 'tank' which is little more than a flying board which you can actually put Demiurg infantry models on! Flying piece of terrain that you have to 'garrison' with troops but is not a transport and not enclosed. Give it a few weapons selections that poke out the side and a single box of troopers (To go on top of your 'tank' model) and not only do you have a first for 40k, it wouldn't break the Tau. Make those models suitably MEQ, but small in number and you'd probally have a very fun unit to play with.

I mean name a vehicle in 40k which can carry a squad on top of it and that squad be assaulted by jet pack troops while the vehicle still moves slowly across the battlefield. Mobile terrain AV 12 armour. 'Slow' rule but with an extra +D6 and you have a fun unit IMO

...Where did that flash of inspiration come from?

I mean its only two box sets and they would make great sales with something like that.

Also you don't need any new faction in 40k. No we have enough as it is. But like the Imperails, the boundaries should be blurred a bit. Dogs-O-War are your IG, Your LotD, Your Kroot Mercs etc.

I mean make that Demiurg idea and GW would have enough 'spare' models from various races to make that codex without any new models.

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Default Re: Want to bring back the squats/demiurg?

I think they should be brought back, but only as an add-on to the Imperium (like Ogryns/Space Ogres Grin)
And as an inquisition player- I say they should be "purified"

In my opinion the Squats arn't a great idea, their just space midgets, and we already have ratlings.

I'm not familiar with their fluff (if someone could pm me a short version of their background it would be appreciated) so i can't comment on that

I think gamesworkshop will struggle in convincing people that they are not just space dwarves, and idoubt they'd be to popular....

As for the Demiurg , i have no clue who/what they are so i can't comment on them either, but i'm all for adding new races to the Tau.
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Default Re: Want to bring back the squats/demiurg?

if u ask me its a bit like when people were asking for the star wars warhammer i know sqauts have been out before but people are right they are gone now and they were a bit to dwarfy anyways besides how would they fit in?
the eldar take the place of the high elves and have been adapted to 40k by becoming an ancient tech race who are strugggling to keep the galaxy in check against the necrons and take backk there rightful place in the galaxy..

chaos is still chaos and well... causing chaos..

orks are well orks and still like being the annoying race the race that is always there in the middle of things conquering and killing

the necrons take the place of the skeleton people from fantasy what ever they are
resurrected from tombs after eons of sleep yadda yadda

dark eldar the dark elves twisted loonies that like enslaving people

the squats would be of course the dwarfs but they wouldnt fit in all the rolls are taken i admit a squat army would be cool but GW took them away 4 a reason end of.
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Default Re: Want to bring back the squats/demiurg?

I think no. We've been fine wihtout tehm for so long, I don't see why now they should be brought back.

I also don't see why people think that their signatures on online petitions actually count for squat.

Originally Posted by Yaifrog
Hooray! We've corrupted Hadhfang ;D
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Default Re: Want to bring back the squats/demiurg?

Ugh! why would you want to bring some space midgets back they sucked back then and they would suck again today!

players like to represent this act by replacing the model for Lion el'jonson with a bowling ball, and bowling it in a straight line directly towards cypher
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Default Re: Want to bring back the squats/demiurg?

40k did once upon a time start off as a bik joke. yes, i have read the rogue trader rulebook. cover to cover. its a giant farce.

rainbow warrior space marines. :
tyranid zoats ate zoatibix :
Space orcs, (sorry, orks!), Space Elves, Space Dwarves, Space Knights, Space people, Space Bugs, Space Undead.....

When it started making money, 40k got serious.

GW evolved the Eldar. They became more than Space Elves. They introduced their arrogance, their craftworlds, their Aspect path and so on, so only a vague link is kept with their space elf ancestors. The same happened for all the other races.

Except for squads. GW simply could not do the archetype any justice, and they ended up being dwarf bikers. Only in Epic could their awesome tech be shown properly. Jervis himself has gone on record saying this. They could not do the idea justice, hence they canned it.

THe Demiurg are the modern squats. and youll never see them outside of BFG

greatest band in the universe: www.machinaesupremacy.com

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