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skimmers moving fast?
Old 12 Aug 2007, 03:07   #1 (permalink)
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Default skimmers moving fast?

What hits exactly does the skimmers moving fast rule change from penetrating hits down to glancing hits?

Can it drop a penetrating hit from melta, ordinance, AP 1, grenades (including special grenades such as haywire, emp, etc), lance, special weapons (such as wraithcannon, etc), or anything else that might surpass this rule?

I looked around the forums and found a few articles but most of them seemed to contradicted each other.
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Default Re: skimmers moving fast?


Sticky topic in this forum, although I know a lot of people unconsciously skip over them.

Basically, Skimmer Moving Fast > Anything Else.
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Default Re: skimmers moving fast?

Thank you very much and I'm sorry i didn't notice this sooner.
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