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Official Army Poll
View Poll Results: Which Armies do you currently collect?
Chaos (Undivided) 126 4.50%
Dark Eldar (Standard) 71 2.54%
Dark Eldar (Wych Cult) 20 0.71%
Eldar (Craftworld Varient) 81 2.89%
Eldar (Standard) 133 4.75%
Inquisition (Alien Hunters) 15 0.54%
Inquisition (Daemonhunters) 103 3.68%
Inquisition (Witch Hunters) 87 3.11%
Minor Races (Arbites, Kroot Mercs etc) 69 2.47%
Necrons (Standard) 124 4.43%
Orks (Cult of Speed) 37 1.32%
Orks (Standard) 149 5.32%
Space Marines (DIY/Standard) 253 9.04%
Space Marines (Own Codex (Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Black Templar)) 194 6.93%
Tau (Farsight Enclave) 95 3.39%
Tau (Standard) 584 20.86%
Tyranids (Standard) 178 6.36%
Imperial Guard (Standard) 219 7.82%
Imperial Guard (Drop Troops) 55 1.96%
Imperial Guard (Catachan) 33 1.18%
Chaos (Cult) 97 3.47%
Imperial Guard (Mechanised) 33 1.18%
Tau (Mechanised) 87 3.11%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 2799. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Official Army Poll

Which armies do you collect currently.

Please note you may select all options above, and you may change your vote later.

And if your up to it, please post a small amount of fluff for your army in this topic. "Normal" posts may be deleted periodically.

Army list stats from the main website:
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

My armies and their theme;

Volcanic-Themed Mechanized Tau Hunter Cadre (Completed)

Fallen Knights-themed Death Guard (currently rebuilding)

Musically angelic-themed Mechanized Sisters of Battle (building up)
Guide to keeping:
Scorpions : Corn Snakes : Basilisks

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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Eldar: The Strike forces of the Craftworld Zaineth-Tril, led by Autarch Kiardras.

Tau (my fav ): A specialised form of hybrid cadre, the specialises in stealth attacks, and urban fighting, the 1st Fi'Rios Stalker Cadre, led by Shas'O Fi'Rios Serrin Ka'M'Yen and his younger sister, Shas'EL Fi'rios Ad'rya Ke'lesh.
Formed after the conquest of Fi'Rios Sept.
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Elerion Craftword Strike Force: The Craftworld specializes in small, elite strike forces, commanded by powerful Exarchs.
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Hive Fleet Mjolnir, a brood of Behemoth concetrated on the Outer Rim and harrassing Tau and Barren Sentries, a chapter of Space Marines.

Biel-Tan Eldar, the Swordwind dedicated to eradicating all inferior life nad restoring Eldar to their former glory.

I hope to get Grey Knights in the future...
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Standard Orks (for now - when I reach more points DYI) - Da Bunka Busta Boyz. Siege and cityfight specialists.

Great site for all DE stuff.
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Alright, some quick blurbs about my armies

Orks: Lead by the Warlord Kommodore Gashbad, this horde is a mish-mash of different ork warbands hailing from the port of Orktuga (previously known as Corant V). Sometimes referred to as the "Loudboyz" due to their owner's tendancy to loose all control of the volume of his voice

Tau: Some of the last of the N'dras sept that haven't either been lost in battle or absorbed into another force. None are old enough to have been born on the planet, but the story of their world's fate is passed down through the generations of Shas'O that command them.

Tyranids: Hive Fleet Ghidorah is a splinter of Leviathan that cut through the outskirts of the ork empire of Octarius and is once again headed toward Imperial worlds. Some creatures in this fleet have begun to exhibit orky features

Chaos: With the new Codex, I'm currently attempting to decide between continuing the saga of the Iron Warrior Daemon Prince Hephasto (and no he didn't have an obliterator fetish) or throwing in my lot with Huron Blackheat and his corsairs

Marines: The Stonecutters!
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

My guard, the 55th Romonovian, were poisoned by Chaos cultists in the middle of the night with Promethium. Far from killing them all, The troops were just infused with an uncontrollable pyromania. The next morning when the cultists attacked, expecting to find weak and dead soldiers, they were instead cleansed with the flames of the Emperor's Wrath.
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Scoutninja's 100% correct.

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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Tau: Mechanized

Commander: Shas'O'Ka'Mal'Caor "The Striking Spider"

Cadre: Aloh'Ka "Cold Strike"* Ke'Ishan Sept

Station: Infantry Adjunct of the Perdus Rift Imperial Defence Fleet

Mission: Fast Intercept of Chaotic Legion incursion onto nearby Tau sept worlds.
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Marines: The Black Templars of the Heavenly Flame Crusade. They are lead by Marshal Uriah Regalis, and composed primarily of the survivors of the Garogus Crusade, which was ambushed in 807.M41 by the Tyranids of Splinter Fleet Venom. Regalis, then a Castellan, was the ranking survivor, and the rest of the Sword Brethren unanimously elected him to the rank of Marshal. Regalis swore that he would not rest until he had hunted down Splinter Fleet Venom and slain the beast that had killed his brother, Castellan Korgar Tantamir; this beast was a massive winged hive tyrant that became known as the Winged Lash-Master. High Marshal Ludoldus gave his approval of Regalis&#39; appointment and declared that he should lead the newly formed Heavenly Flame Crusade, named for Regalis&#39; Strike Cruiser that would act as his flagship.

Tyranids: Splinter Fleet Venom, a group that is assumed to have broken off from Hive Fleet Kraken many decades before it actually hit the Imperium. They appeared around 800.M41, and began early raiding against the Tau, before they laid the Ambush of Porcal IV, where they nearly destroyed the Black Templars&#39; Garogus Crusade. The lead tyrant of the splinter fleet would come to be known as the Winged Lash-Master, even after a duel between it and Marshal Regalis of the Black Templars severed its middle appendages, removing its charateristic lash whip and bonesword. It has since reappeared having regenerated the limbs with a second set of massive scything talons. The Lash-Master continues to lead its fleet in a path of destruction across the Imperium, one which has recently turned towards the Golgothan sub-sector...
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