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Official Army Poll
View Poll Results: Which Armies do you currently collect?
Chaos (Undivided) 126 4.50%
Dark Eldar (Standard) 71 2.54%
Dark Eldar (Wych Cult) 20 0.71%
Eldar (Craftworld Varient) 81 2.89%
Eldar (Standard) 133 4.75%
Inquisition (Alien Hunters) 15 0.54%
Inquisition (Daemonhunters) 103 3.68%
Inquisition (Witch Hunters) 87 3.11%
Minor Races (Arbites, Kroot Mercs etc) 69 2.47%
Necrons (Standard) 124 4.43%
Orks (Cult of Speed) 37 1.32%
Orks (Standard) 149 5.32%
Space Marines (DIY/Standard) 253 9.04%
Space Marines (Own Codex (Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Black Templar)) 194 6.93%
Tau (Farsight Enclave) 95 3.39%
Tau (Standard) 584 20.86%
Tyranids (Standard) 178 6.36%
Imperial Guard (Standard) 219 7.82%
Imperial Guard (Drop Troops) 55 1.96%
Imperial Guard (Catachan) 33 1.18%
Chaos (Cult) 97 3.47%
Imperial Guard (Mechanised) 33 1.18%
Tau (Mechanised) 87 3.11%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 2799. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Orks - Waaagh! Badklaw, led by Boss Badklaw, a former Bad Moon-turned-Freebooter after his looted Imperial cruiser was shot down by Space Marines over the jungle world of Bugguak I, on the eastern edge of the Ultramar sector. Badklaw's arrival on the planet led to the unification of feral Ork tribes on the surface and the subsequent destruction of all human settlements on the planet. To this day, Badklaw continues to launch piratical raids and the occasional Waaagh! against every planet within his reach, and is absolutely the biggest pain in the armoured backside of the Ultramarines chapter.

Speed Freeks - Badklaw is assisted by the Big Mek Axis, whose obsessional love of driving fast resulted in the creation of a small Kult of Speed-like element within the Waaagh!. Badklaw does not approve of this activity. Axis's attempts to overthrow his boss and take over leadership of the tribe have so far proven unsuccessful.
"Beakiez? Wot beakiez?" -Big Mek Axis, absent-minded response to oiler Grot while blasting Space Marines apart
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

I dont see any armoured companies ...
*Insert generic quote here*
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Tau - Shi'kauyon cadre: A stealth/recon cadre that specialises in operating outside of the main battle, taking out key objectives, lending support when needed and generally blowing things up. :P

Commander: Shas'o vior'la mont'yr elan'cha

colours: Dark blue and grey armour and black underclothes

Guard - Kashann 76th Outriders. A regiment from the young primal jungle/swamp planet Kashann. Mounted almost exclusively on the native Hunting Lizard, large predatory dinosaur like reptiles.

commander: Governor militant Sebastian

Colours: Black armour and dark green fatigues

Kroot mercs - Cult of the great uniter: A band of kroot who admire to the point of worship Angkor Prok, the kroot who originally allied himself with the tau and fought off the orks infesting his planet. This cult follow the tau to war to honour the ancient oaths of their predecessors. Tied in with Shi'kauyon cadre.

Commander: High shaper Omata

Colours: Green (Skin)

Sisters - Order Of The Weeping Chalice. No fluff as of yet. Tied in with Kashann 76th.

Commander: No idea yet :P

Colours: White and turquoise armour. Black/turquoise fatigues.
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Default Re: Official Army Poll


Chaos-death guard(toughness boost ftw)

Tau-umm yeah tau army(not good with tau fluff)
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Tau, Dy'anoi enclave: basicly Tau renegades, led by shas'o reaper (makes more sense with the full name, cant find the sheet right now), who have left the tau empire to further the greater good in their own style.
colors: camo green with boltgun metal cloth (weird huh?)

Space marines, Sapphire Dragons: a space marine chapter dedicated to the destruction of the tau, and their vengence against the raven guard
colors, Hawk turquoise and white
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Chaos: Black Legion. I never really got around to putting them all together and painting them before the new codex so I just figured I'd call them Black Legion, seeing as I don't know what the different chaos legions are like now.

Necrons: Here's a fun bit. I've got about two full units of regular warriors, three destroyers, a lord, and some pariahs. All but the pariahs free and original pewter models free when they were first introduced. the Destroyers look more like regular Nevrons sitting in jet cars with guns attatched rather than all three as one.

Imperial Guard: Just got a platoon and a half along with an HQ setup and a unit of stormtroopers all for free. They've got a color scheme of blue shoulder and leg armor and red chest and helmet armor along with gray fatigues and red weaponry.
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Huntre Cadre Fueris

Formed during the first Nimbosian War, Huntre Cadre Fueris has fought in all environments and against all the enemies of the Imperium. Their first Imperial contact on Nimbosa was a small strike force of Blood Angels, which was repulsed, but only barely. After that initial skirmish, the cadre began landing its troops in earnest, and to take the fight to the enemy. The commander is Shas'o Dal'yth Castris Lar'shi Kir'quath. He was instrumental in defending the outpost of Kyl'ran'no. His aggressive tactics proved to be useful in countering all manner of races. His favored cadres are mechanized, with large amounts of hammerhead gunships, devilfish, piranhas, and crisis suits to back them up. Against all armies, he has repeatedly come out on top, and has a loosing record only against the Swordwind Cadre of the farseer Yin'eth.

After the defense of Kyl'ran'no, Castris was given the rank of Shas'o, and gave his second in command and lifelong bond brother, Shas'o Dal'yth Scivi Methal command of Huntre Cadre Praisen, specifically designed to hunt down and destroy the elite Imperium soldiers called Space Marines. Scivi favors a hybrid approach, with Fire Warriors being the lure as Crisis teams ambush the space marines with close range plasma and fusion techniques. While things do get to close for comfort, the skill of Shas'o Scivi has always proved invaluable, and so far, no majpor battles have been lost.

After the defense of Kyl'ran'no, it was realized that the Tau needed a greater presence on Nimbosa, and so the Tau High Command deployed Huntre Cadre Nevas, under the command of Shas'o Bork'an Cicero to join the fray. The cadre itself is a mobile infantry force, designed to unleash coordinated devastation, has scene its fair share of successes and defeats. Most notable, a specific Iron warriors has repeatedly engaged Huntre Cadre Nevas, and been soundly repulsed each time. While Castris does not like Cicero's methods, he does respect him as a commander.

After the coming of Huntre Cadre Nevas, Castris requisitioned a fourth cadre, and permission to form a permanent contingent. His fourth cadre was Huntre Cadre Artelus led by Shas'els Dal'yth Tuchlo and Calus, twins that have risen through the ranks together to lead their cadre as one. Although somewhat immature, it was these two that beat back a flanking force of Tzeentch deamons, and earned Castris's respect, and let the four cadres be formed into Contingent Daschle.

Contingent Daschle is led be Shas'o Castris, with Aun'el Dal'yth Or'el Jaal Mek as the presiding Ethereal. The contingent has yet to go to war as one force on the battlefield, but continues to operate seperately, each of the cadre missions making sure to assist the other. In addition, ever since the formation of the cadres into a single contingent, each cadre has been able to call on specific units for support from other cadres if need be, making sure that each cadre has what it needs.

The final cadre of Contingent Daschle is Huntre Cadre Exodus. Exodus was one of the vanguard cadres of the Nimbosa Annexation, but suffered a severe loss very early on in the campaign. As the reports go, an Imperial Guard drop force attacked the central command of Exodus after Earthshaker artillery batteries disabled the air defence grid. While most of the cadre survived the attack, they were scattered, and had no leaders, as the shas'o leading the force was wiped out. However, one young and brave shas'vre, now Shas'el Vior'la Tulva, was able to gather enough of the cadre to challenge the Imperial Guard and make it back to the main Tau lines. He met up Shas'o Castris, and was permitted to join Contingent Daschle as the cityfighting cadre. Tulva was promoted to shas'el because of the heroism and bravery which he conducted himself with gathering the rest of his cadre. He has shown himself to be a natural leader, and a powerful presence on the field of battle.

Overall, Contingent Daschle, while it has seen its defeats, has proven itself to be a worthy ally and deadly foe. Members of the Imperial Guard fear the fast response of the cadres, and the Orks have only twice scored a major victory. Every other time, they have been utterly massacred. Space marines, the inquisition, chaos, and even Necrons have fallen before the might of the combined cadres. Only the speed and firepower of the Eldar, and the ferocity of the blood angels are able to constantly best the cadres, and even then, only after suffering many losses.


"The gue'la will either except our destiny, or die!"
-Shas'o Castris
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

The Bellum 131st, led by the Honored Legatus(Legion Commander, General) Glacies Potestas, is an Imperial Guard Regiment that specializes in the use of snipers, and stealth; the regiments Sentinels are trained in using their machines as combat monstrosities. The regiment is always under close scrutanty by their Commissar, and will always use each other's skills to their advantage. They herald from the world known as Bellum, a Hive World with some minor Ad Mech forges and vast resources of ore. Bellum is in the Europa sector of Imperial space, and, as such, does not face the hardships of other planets, IE Ork, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Tau, or Chaos attacks. But that does not prevent them from raising the required regiments, and such regiments are excellent fighters, due to the constant military trials between the Hives of the planet.
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

I just wanted to say that I joined the forum just cause of the awsome armies you've all come up with. it was actually really inspiring. And as for me: I actually don't own any army or even any models yet. Just my tau codex right now. But i'm planning on building a Tau army(at least three detachments) and a Blood Ravens SM amry.

Tau: Fi'rios Edge Cadre
This Fi'rios Hunter Cadre is under the Command of Shas'O Mont'Sha, a quickly rising Fire Caste commander whose home colony was destroyed by orks shortly after the end of the Third Sphere. Almost his entire army is made of hand-chosen, similarly situationed Fire Warriors. Commander Death Wind maintains little contact with T'au or any Etheral command, and is known for his cold attitude and rarely taking prisoners.

As for the blood ravens: I'm not as concerned; I want a full bodied tau force first.
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

T'au K'auyon Shan'al Taros
Led by comander wolfwind: Shas'O M'eSha'is
A patient hunter cadre planning to take over the imperial planet Taros ;D ;D ;D

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