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Official Army Poll
View Poll Results: Which Armies do you currently collect?
Chaos (Undivided) 126 4.50%
Dark Eldar (Standard) 71 2.54%
Dark Eldar (Wych Cult) 20 0.71%
Eldar (Craftworld Varient) 81 2.89%
Eldar (Standard) 133 4.75%
Inquisition (Alien Hunters) 15 0.54%
Inquisition (Daemonhunters) 103 3.68%
Inquisition (Witch Hunters) 87 3.11%
Minor Races (Arbites, Kroot Mercs etc) 69 2.47%
Necrons (Standard) 124 4.43%
Orks (Cult of Speed) 37 1.32%
Orks (Standard) 149 5.32%
Space Marines (DIY/Standard) 253 9.04%
Space Marines (Own Codex (Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Black Templar)) 194 6.93%
Tau (Farsight Enclave) 95 3.39%
Tau (Standard) 584 20.86%
Tyranids (Standard) 178 6.36%
Imperial Guard (Standard) 219 7.82%
Imperial Guard (Drop Troops) 55 1.96%
Imperial Guard (Catachan) 33 1.18%
Chaos (Cult) 97 3.47%
Imperial Guard (Mechanised) 33 1.18%
Tau (Mechanised) 87 3.11%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 2799. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Tau: A variation of the homeworld camo pattern
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Tau: Yet to be defined.
-Variant of standard tau cameo.

Tyranid: Hivefleet happy huggers (may be renamed).
-Black to green carpace, black to grey skin.
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Dark Eldar: The Bleeding Dragon Kabal - Previously known as the Silver Dragon it was one of the wealthiest Kabals on Commorragh. It achieved its wealth mostly through the slave trade, although a lot of blackmail and treachery didn't hurt. When the High Archon was killed while spectating an arena event the Kabal fell into disarray. A Sybarite called Sybaris claimed the title of High Archon after killing an Archon and wounding a Dracon and Haemonculus in an argument over leadership. Sybaris renamed the Kabal as the Bleeding Dragon and began to reforge it as a fighting force to claim the stars in the glory of Commorragh.
Colours: Dark Green and Red armour, Black helmets and undersuits, Warriors have red undersuits.

Chaos: It was just a night lords warband lead by two eccentric sorcerers but me and my friend are gonna make an apocalypse sized joint army when the new stuff comes out.
Colours: Midnight blue and gold with a few spots of red here and there.

Tyranids: A bunch of hungry super predators ;D
Colours: Liche Purple flesh, Black carapace with red markings
"This Dragon has been bled dry and is but a husk, empty and barren. Worthless. I shall make the Dragon bleed once more and let its blood taint the stars."

~Sybaris, High Archon of the Bleeding Dragon Kabal

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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Space Marines :: Fists of Flame
History: A Chapter who's history is steeped in blood and warefare, it wasn't until the Chapter's defining moment during the Second War for Tarsiss III that set the Chapter apart from it's brethern. Faced with a critical time which would either render the Chapter destroyed or let them raise from the fires of battle, the Fists of Flame arose stronger and more determined after the Second War which saw their home world destroyed.
Appearance: Since the Second War for Tarsiss III, the Fists of Flame have fought in white armour, with red and yellow flames painted onto their shoulder pads and lower leg greaves.
Notable Characters: Chief Librarian Mars Aran, Captain Mathews, Venerable Dreadnought Heuran Tigeran

Dark Eldar :: Cult of the Emerald Talon
History: A Cult who's enigmantic roots can be traced back before Vect's rise to power, it was not always led by it's current leader, the Archite known as Drael'Kaen.
Appearance: Armour is emerald green with a lighter shade of green forming constrasting lines on their armour.
Notable Characters: Archite Drael'Kaen

Chaos :: The Blood Wind
History: Heralding from the Dark Angels Legion, the one that would later become known as Lord Arnell ascended to daemonhood following the Evacuation of Torrin Massacre.
Appearance: Deep red with dark brass ornamentation.
Notable Characters: Lord Arnell, Dreadnought Morbid, Lieutenant Caltox

Chaos :: The Plague Wind
History: Originating from Death Guard Legion before the Horus Heresy, Lord Damius is a hunted warrior after his actions which saw that over half of the Space Marines in the Fists of Flame Chapter were reduced to plague marines filling his ranks during the Second War for Tarsiss III.
Appearance: Light green armour with contrasting black shoulder pads.
Notable Characters: Lord Damius.

Chaos :: The Pleasure Wind
History: The known traitor Adeptus Sororitas, Gemiel is hunted by the Inquisitor-Lord known as Holt alongside her former Order, the Order of the Raped Virgin. She now leads a band of Emperor's Children.
Appearance: Deep purple with silver edging.
Notable Characters: Canoness Gemiel.

Chaos :: The Changing Wind
History: A former Fists of Flame Librarian, Lord Adual turned his back when the traitor Sororitas Gemiel turned her back on the Emperor and with Adual's aid, managed to get off Tarsiss III before returning with an army of Slaanesh to start the First War for Tarsiss III.
Appearance: Deep blue with gold edging.
Notable Characters: Lord Adual.

Witch Hunters :: The Order of the Raped Virgin
History: Following the leadership of Canoness Alica, the sister to the known heretic Gemiel, Alica has vowed to kill Gemiel or die in the attempt. Her Order is amongst the most active of those hunting the Pleasure Wind. They are also aided by Inquisitor Holt himself from time to time.
Appearance: White with deep blue tabbards.
Notable Characters: Canoness Alica, Inquisitor Holt

Imperial Guard :: The Danitun Guard
History: Drawn from a world which no longer exists, the Danitun Guard are traitors, stalking through the stars and attacking worlds seemingly at random, and although it is widely known to the Inquisition that the Danitun Guard is loyal to Khorne and the Khorne Lord Arnell.
Appearance: Deep red fatigues with cream shirts.
Notable Characters: Grand Marshall Jean Halgar, Cali's and her Bandits
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

A loose collection of veterans from multiple cadres merged together during an urban warfare operation.

'NidZilla. I was, at the time, obsessed with all the options in the new carnifex kit. Everything was strangely vulnerable to heavy bolters though. :-X
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Army Name: Orkatraz
Description: Orange Jumpsuits, iron-looking weapons, blood-covered choppas.
Themes: Sluggas, Shootas, Killa Kanz, Flash Gitz, Lots of Big Gunz! All about the Teknology.

Army Name: "The Ghosts of Ages Past" is all they are known as by Imperials.
Description: Dark Metallic Shoulder plates/legs, Bluish-black chest plates, Green glowing eyes/etc, and White Faces.
Themes: Lots of CC, including scarabs, wraiths, flayed ones, etc, although I play with virtually everything there is Necron. I love the Deceiver over the Nightbringer, though (seems more fair, especially since most of my enemies are S3...)
Go Necrons! Go Orks! God my mind is weary...!
'Nid 'Untas!. Wins: 19 Draws: 4 Losses: 0
Necrons: Wins: 8 Draws: 1 Losses: 1
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Thousand Sons: Standerd fluff, except I always field Ahriman when able as they are his personal company.

Tau: bleh, they were my starter army and many of them have now been sacrificed to conversions.

The Revilers of Cadia: A splinter group of the 13th Black Crusade, left behind to constantly assault cadia's defenses, buying time until the next crusade. Although they mainly consist of all four cult marines, their power armor has been painted black except for their left shoulder pad which displays their legion colors. The opposite is true for the aspiring champions.
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Default Re: Official Army Poll


Hunter Cadre Cold wind lead by Shas'O Trentielhie'nel'Ora. Hailing from the Sac'ea sept, garnished in camo green armour with dark angels green fatigues.
"...And in that time of darkness, man became beast and beast became man."

"Horn and hoof, power is there. Not feeble smoothskin, clumsy greenskin, wicked elf-swine. Gor is strong, Gor is true. Gor shall kill all, slay all for the gods!"

Beastlord Gorthor

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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Space Marines - No one chapter, but I have enough to feild a full first company (50 tactical marines, 55 terminators including a 5 man command squad)

Chaos - Death Guard and a LATD army for games where a fully powered armoured force would be inappropriate (sp?)

Imperial Guard - Steel Legion (based on the Necromundan 'spiders' from 2nd Ed fluff)

Tau - N'ori Sept. (This is the only one I have history for because they were created for a specific campaign, but the abbreviated version is...) A Tau sept formed during the Third Sphere expansion. The leaders of N'ori are fanatically loyal to the Tau cause of the greater good, believing that the Tau must take their rightful place as the guiders for the other races enlightenment. Unfortunatly during the Tiagon campaign they were called in a relief force for the weakened planetary defences of the sector. They arrived too late, but the carnage they witnessed changed the minds of many of the commanders forever.
Believing that their enamies (particularly humans) were too baser creatures to come to the greater good through the 'carrot' of enlightenment, the N'ori believe that the only way to bring other races into Tau soceity is by force and that the only place they may serve is as an underclass to the glory fo the enlightened. Those that would refuse to accept their station must be anihilated.

(Theres more, but I doubt anyone has read this far, so I will finish this later and post it in the fluff or story section)

They wear Black Armour, white sept markings with a dark blue underclothes.
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Dark Eldar- The Kabal of the Bleeding shadows: over 5000 points of models, and though I've stopped actively buying them, I'm still hunting for a suitable model for my archon.

Adeptus Arbites- I don't even have enough of thes to have a name or fluff. I barely have 500 points yet...
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