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View Poll Results: Which Armies do you currently collect?
Chaos (Undivided) 126 4.50%
Dark Eldar (Standard) 71 2.54%
Dark Eldar (Wych Cult) 20 0.71%
Eldar (Craftworld Varient) 81 2.89%
Eldar (Standard) 133 4.75%
Inquisition (Alien Hunters) 15 0.54%
Inquisition (Daemonhunters) 103 3.68%
Inquisition (Witch Hunters) 87 3.11%
Minor Races (Arbites, Kroot Mercs etc) 69 2.47%
Necrons (Standard) 124 4.43%
Orks (Cult of Speed) 37 1.32%
Orks (Standard) 149 5.32%
Space Marines (DIY/Standard) 253 9.04%
Space Marines (Own Codex (Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Black Templar)) 194 6.93%
Tau (Farsight Enclave) 95 3.39%
Tau (Standard) 584 20.86%
Tyranids (Standard) 178 6.36%
Imperial Guard (Standard) 219 7.82%
Imperial Guard (Drop Troops) 55 1.96%
Imperial Guard (Catachan) 33 1.18%
Chaos (Cult) 97 3.47%
Imperial Guard (Mechanised) 33 1.18%
Tau (Mechanised) 87 3.11%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 2799. You may not vote on this poll

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Official Army Poll

Not a fair question, as I've been collecting for 30+ years. That said, among my favorites (in no particular order):
Cabal of the Bloody Skull (Khorne worshiping Dark Eldar)
Order of Our Lady of Perpetual Motion (SoB as "Girl Scouts")
5317th Training Detachment (IG Infantry)
Waaagh Durzod (with their stolen Basselope)
Craftworld Zayon (yes, it's the Eldar of Zayon following their Protocols)
The Lost Cadre (my plaid Tau force w/lots of kroot extras, but only 1 squad of kroot)

I sense a none-too-serious theme, but I'm here to have fun.

I notice you didn't mention Daemons, or did you lump them in with Chaos (and yet, like Games Workshop, you separate out the myriad chapters of Space Marines)?
The pellet with the poison's in the chalice from the palace.
The vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true.
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Kroot Warrior
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I currently have roughly 3000pts of Sisters of Battle (with some of the IQ related stuff i.e. Penitent Engines, Inquisitors with retinues, Assassins, Land Raiders, etc., totaling an additional 1500). i have them painted as part of the Order of the Bloody Rose (red armor, black weapons and surpluses).


I'm collecting a Dark Angels army (after seven long years of playing S.o.B. exclusively. I've earned the right ) starting with a Battalion box, one Ravenwing Battalion set, one Termie shootie squad, one Termie Assault squad, a Venereable Dread, three squads of Veterans and Sammael Master of the Ravenwing. I'll be using some of the Chapter specific stuff on the Veteran sprue to make a passable Belial as well.
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Old 12 Feb 2011, 18:11   #183 (permalink)
Irtehdar's Avatar
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Tau - 3rd sphere world populated by humans. Their loyalty was bought with light beer and bluejeans (or rather tau equalents). Using IG models as proxies for Kroot to annoy my friend who plays IG. Gives us a reason to kill each other.
The fluff part is sort of hotheaded Rapid Insertion Force Commander promoted and stationed with a sizable force to oversee the security of a small dull planet thats not really worth much. Its not wanted for anything big and amazing its mostly just wanted for the sake of completion.
''Hey this planet is governed by a Tau. That means we can cross that system off our ''Conquer the Universe'' list.''
I tend to go tank/suit heavy when I play. Im close to reaching the 3k mark.

Chaos cult - 50 Khorne Berzerkers. They gonna get Rhinos soon. Havent really put together any fluff for them yet. Khorne Berzerkers dont need fluff! Fluff is for the weak! We prefer our gear to be hard, heavy and with jagged edges!
It is supposedly a big deal... Chokolate or vanilla icecream... I say ''Who Cares? Free Icecream!''
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space marine chapter: the wolfbrothers (look at page 9 space wolves codex) and 13th company space wolves (i love lost chapters)
currently finished my chapter master: Sven Ironbeard (lawl)
they are a bit like black templar/legion of the damned like
drifting around the warp helping where the imperium need them most
and i just love kit bashing space wolves
they are made for it
the chapter master weapon has stuff from 3 kits...
and he has a double bladed frost-axe
i'm da master
bla bla
u fail

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Vior'La Splinter fleet:
(viorla just matches my playstyle perfectly)
After a small Tyranid splinter fleet attacked outlying tau colonies, a medium sized fleet out of Vior'La was sent to intercept it. The skyfire cadres saw many an atrocity at the hands of the Tyranids and Imperials, and now seek vengeance on any who threaten Tau civilians.
Even the commander has radically switched strategies accordingly to deal with these voracious enemies, and has lost more than his fair share of personal suits defending those under his command.
(it doesn't really follow tau fluff, but it really shows how they're willing to sacrifice themselves for the empire)
"Humans call us cowardly Xeno's. Orks call us Fish'eads. Eldar call us young and naive. Tyranids call us prey.
We call them target practice."
-Shas'O Rai'Xar
(Rai'xar roughly translates to 'cut off armor', thus 'rendmetal')

Skyfire Cadre: 1589 points
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