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Which scale?
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Default Which scale?

What scale is closest to 40k in model railroading?

FYI, I found this great article at prophet miniatures about scale problems:
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Default Re: Which scale?

too much text...
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Default Re: Which scale?

Yeah, I think it might even be written at 10th grade level!?!?

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Default Re: Which scale?

It was intresting though it didn't really tell anything about figuring out the scales.

Gw model scale.

space marine-1/54
Gaurd vehicle-1/35
marine vehicle-1/40or 1/35 (unsure what their fluff size is since they carry same amount of men in a rinho as marines.)
Tau-1/31(I read some where that Tau are accually 4 or so ft tall. Is this true? If not there same as gaurd.
Tau vehicle-1/26 or 1/35 for same reson as above.

I made these #'s a while ago in comparision to my other models.(They are 1/35 or 1/72.

Also remember that most 40k and fntsy have massive hands and wepons compared to the model.
Gw uses something called Hero scale.

I would think a Rail Road scale of S(It's the middle one right?I know theres o s n but I don't remember wich is wich.)
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Default Re: Which scale?

I found another link that shows all the possible railroad scales and how many mm equal a foot.
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