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Looking to get back in to the hobby.
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Default Looking to get back in to the hobby.

I played it for a year or two back in high school, had a great time, but I stopped after it sorta died out in my area. Its a made a comeback though, massively, with weekly gaming nights at the local game zilla and monthly tournies. Good times. I was, and probably still am horrible at painting, is it worth getting the citadal paint guide? A couple of questions, I understand it the 4th edition just came out, is it a significant change to the game?

I'm thinking about going Alpha Legion, because they appear to be the least used Traitor Legion, where could I find a significant amount of info on them besides Codex: CSM? Index Astartes?

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Default Re: Looking to get back in to the hobby.

Welcome back to the wonderful galaxy. The paint guide can help you a lot with techniques, but all in all, practice makes perfect as far as painting goes.

4th edition has changed bits and pieces of some rules ( some worse than others) but nothing changing the way the game is played entirely.

Alpha Legion. awesome. umm, if you don't have the CSM dex, get it, then you can look in to the index.
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