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Fast Vehicle vs AP1 Weapon
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Old 29 Aug 2006, 23:29   #1 (permalink)
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Default Fast Vehicle vs AP1 Weapon

ok i have come across this a couple of times and i cant work out which has preference.

situation - an eldar fast vehicle has moved more than 6" (therefore penetrating hits are downgraded to glancing), and is shot at by an AP 1 weapon (glancing hits are upgraded to penetrating).

which takes preference, the fast vehicle or the AP 1 weapon? any comments to help clarify this is much appreciated.
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Default Re: Fast Vehicle vs AP1 Weapon

The fast part of the Eldar vehicle will downgrade any shots fired at it into glancing hits. The AP 1 will do nothing to change that.
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Default Re: Fast Vehicle vs AP1 Weapon

Fast vehicle moving over 6" always wins against auto-pens.
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Default Re: Fast Vehicle vs AP1 Weapon

sorry, but after rechecking both the eldar codex and the 40k rule book, its ambiguous at best.

the two rules completely contradict each other, and until games workshop errata's the problem I would say just flip a coin for the matter. Either that or you and your opponent can agree beforehand which takes precedence.

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Default Re: Fast Vehicle vs AP1 Weapon

In my experience, the skimmer moving over 6" rule has always superceded the AP-1 penetration rule, without question.

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Default Re: Fast Vehicle vs AP1 Weapon

in my GW store they have always said AP1 rule applies, but they've alwyas failed to offer any proof.
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Default Re: Fast Vehicle vs AP1 Weapon

GW clairified a long time ago, skimmers win against any rule.

As Malcor said, GW has clarified, skimmer wins over auto-pen. This was answered in another thread. please use the search function in future. -S
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