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Powerfist dodging
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Old 18 Jul 2006, 15:53   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Powerfist dodging

There was a post a few weeks ago(?) about "powerfist dodging" where a player had removed models from his squad, from all around the enemy's sgt, who was armed with a powerfist. The removal of all the models caused a unit coherency check, which was failed, and the Tau Fire Warriors fell back 9 inches or something like that.

Now, I've just gotten my book in the mail a couple days ago, and have been learning the game, but I see several problems.

1) the rules specifically state that the player losing the models gets to pick which ones are removed, BUT he has to obey unit coherency rules. In other words, it is against the rules to remove models specifically to cause a unit coherency check.

2) According to the rulebook, if you fall back from close combat, with any of your models still in base-to-base contact with the enemy unit, the enemy gets to roll for a "sweeping advance." D6 + initiative, and the higher roll is the winner. If the falling back unit ties or loses the role, they are automatically, immediately, wiped out and removed from the board.

Looks like, in retrospect, "powerfist dodging" isn't just cheesy, it's against the rules...
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Yriel of Iyanden's Avatar
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Default Re: Powerfist dodging

Powerfist dodging, when done according to unit cohenrency and respective of kill-zones, is not against the rules. The problem is that this can be very hard to control.

It can be done legally- but it is heavily dependent upon the exact placement of models. You can't always perform powerfist dodging, but it is certainly feasible. Let's look at a hypothetical situation:


x= space marine, P= powerfist sgt, o = orks.

In this example, the only member to actually make base-to-base contact is the powerfisted SGT. but as he has the lowest initiative, he won't be able to swing if the three marines behind him kill the two front orks. In fact- those three marines can only kill the front orks in this case, as the other 4 are out of their kill zones. So if the ork player suffers 2+ casutalies as a result of the three space marines swinging first, he can only remove the 2 front ork models, thereby denying his own chance to swing back, and subsequently the sgt.'s chance to use his Pfist.

So it is legal, and sometimes happens whether we want it to or not...
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Default Re: Powerfist dodging

Well, Yriel's situation seems more like a coincidence than anything else. It'd be very hard to try to move your units into a situation like that.
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Old 18 Jul 2006, 16:19   #4 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Location: South Carolina
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Default Re: Powerfist dodging

I apologize, I went back and read through all four pages of the original post, and on the fourth page, a brief explanation was posted.

The original poster DID maintain unit coherency, and DID NOT have any models in base-to-base contact with the space marines at the end of the close combat. Having failed the CC, he failed a morale check, did NOT have to check for sweeping advance, fell back, regrouped, and fired up the Space Marines.

A very valid tactic, and one I hope to be able to take advantage of when I'm in the bad place.
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