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Kroot Shaper
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Default Names?

I am an avid writer and creator of stories and fluff etc. But I always have a problem and that problem is names. So what is this topic about if you haven't guessed yet? I want your names. Not your names of yourself but names you think sound cool and they do not only have to be to do with 40k. Hey while your at it why not add some flluff if you want. PLEASE. And mods I'm noot sure if it belongs here but please don't move it to black libary.
if the false emperor sits on that throne kept alive by the lives of 1000's then Khorne will sit on his kept amused by the lives of millions.
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Default Re: Names?

Well.... My name of my SpellWeaver is the same as my username here.

I named my Hivefleet because I wanted to: Hive Fleet Aion. Aion is another spelling for Aeon, and sounded cooler to me.
And, of course, how could you have a cool army name and not a cool commander name? my Hive Tyrant's name is Chyrsaor. It's all from Greek Mythology.

Feel free to use those if you want.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Names?

Thankyou thats what i'm looking for and also as Gada Mazaha pointed ou where he got his names from origin would be appreciated.
if the false emperor sits on that throne kept alive by the lives of 1000's then Khorne will sit on his kept amused by the lives of millions.
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Default Re: Names?

Well, the name of the leader for my upcoming Black Templars army will be Tech Marshal Martis. He is a Techmarine that has been recruited by the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Black Templars cooperatively to fight a recent Necron takeover. His name is a Latin variant of Mars.

I have never tried actually writing the fluff but here is my attempt/idea for what the fluff would be based upon. Tech Marshal Martis has received extensive training from the Adeptus Mechanicus during his training as a Techmarine. However, the Adeptus Mechanicus has recently detected an uprising of Necron activity on a small cluster of planets controlled by the Emperor. After lengthy joint discussions between the high priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Marshal of the Profanus Solum(Latin for Not-Sacred-Group) Crusade, Marshal Pius Mucro(Holy Sword), Techmarine Martis was selected to undertake further training in the heretical threat that is the Necrons.
Techmarine Martis went through many months of rigorous training and study before he was deemed fit by the high priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus. He then went through many more months of combat training before he was deemed fit to lead a crusade. This crusade would be forever known as the Malum Mortuus(Latin for Evil Skeleton) Crusade and would be ended only upon the purging of the vile Xenos threat and whatever had caused them to rise from their eternal graves.
During Techmarine Martis's training the Adeptus Mechanicus made quite a few adaptations to his servo-harness. Not only did they upgrade it to a fully customized servo-harness, they also grafted it into Techmarine Martis's very skeleton. It was then blessed by the Holy Omnissiah and The God Emperor himself. The final part of Techmarine Martis's training was also one of his most important. The gift of the only piece of Necron Wargear ever recovered, the dreaded Techno Reaper(a warscythe). The final months of Techmarine Martis's training were in the mastery of this strange and powerful weapon. At the completion of his training there was not great ceremony, only the cold stare of the Mistrustful Marshal Pius Mucro as Techmarine Martis was promoted, forever more to be known as Tech Marshal Martis. However, Marshal Pius Mucro had reason to be mis-trustful for Tech Marshal Martis had become more machine than man. In him, Marshal Pius Mucro saw far more of the enemy than he ever wanted to.
Tech Marshal Martis was allowed to handpick his fighting force from the resources of the Profanus Solum Crusade ans is en route to this day...

This was a special character I had built with the help of the TO members on the Necron forum. Here is a link to all of those that may be interested. http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=26504.0

The beauty of this character and his fighting force lies in the fact that he is beoming one with what he is fighting. He already has the weapon, he already worships one of the C'tan, now all he needs to do is finish "perfecting" his body and he will be a tried and true Necorn Lord. For all of you who don't know, The Omnissiah is actually the "Sleeping God" or "The Dragon" I belive. The Adeptus Mechanicus actually worships one of the C'tan that slumbers right in the middle of the forbidden grounds of Mars. So much irony and so much fun!

Hope this helps a little bit, it may be a bit more than you wanted but what can I say.

Steel Skeleton
Unfortunately I then glued it so that the multi-melta was sticking out 90 degrees to the side of the tank, so it looks like the Adeptus Mechanicus guy is doing a drive-by.

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Default Re: Names?

One of the four High commanders of my (offshoot) death guard force is "Lord Ikthilior", called "mactabilis macula" (deadly blemish in latin) by imperial forces (ordo malleus mostly, as he is an unstatured daemon prince)

the second high commander (statured daemon prince) is "Prince Gretik" called " The seeping Eye" by imperial troopers.

the third commander is "Capitan Untishtul" ( a leiutenant) and imperial troopers call him "grey matter"

and the last commander, Mounted in a venerable dreadnought, (another statured prince, in game terms) is named "Vesterithus" or "Wise one" (the latter is only uttered by those under his command) He has no codename, as no imperial has ever seen him and lived. (it's fluff, he's supposed to be way too awesome)

here's the fluff thoughts:
pre heresy, the 17th company of death guard were lead by a strong, but hot-headed capitan. (later turns into vesterithus) he had his two highest ranking officers (gretik and Ikthilior) and one promising young trooper (untishtul). During a heated battle with the eldar, vesterithus was gravely wounded, and became the company's only dreadnought (and a venerable one at that!) he was still the overall commander, but could not hold his title of capitan, so he promoted Ikthilior to capitan and untishtul to sergeant. gretik's jealousy led him to join the nurgle coven on davin, as well as Vesterithus following his lust for healing from his unending agony, he too turned to the coven, and they began convening with nurgle. when the destroyer plague hit, vesterithus and gretik seized the power instantaniously, while I and U were only given the covenant when mortarion took it for all of his chapter. V and G planted thoughts into the other's minds so that they would fight the imperium, and they fought until horus died. then they fled to the eye of terror, and broke off from the death guard (why, i haven't figured out yet). they found a feral world (not unlike the fantasy world) inhabited primarily by orks. they built their plague fortresses and all sorts of other stuff on this world, and continue to send out sporadic attacks on other places.

Keep in mind that this is only an idea, it's likely to change a WHOLE bunch and be elaborated on a whole bunch more. (for elaboration think kind of like horus rising, only not as good, and not as long)
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Default Re: Names?

I know what you mean by names mate, have you seen GWs choice for fluff names? I mean bloody hell, i dont expect completely original names, but a little imagination would be good. You know like calling the awefully comgolian looking rough riders, 'Attilans' or having every major name in the Death Korps of Krieg be a german city.

My alias is Mark Reynold. Sound cool to me, nut it may be a bit to 'normal' for using in sci-fi.

My hardened veteran/stormtrooper sergeants is usually called Khan, more to do withOliver than Genghis.

And a cool evil guy name is Kraken. But please, if call him that dont make him a sea-faring villian, or some octupose related bad guy.
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Default Re: Names?

The name Kraken just sounds badass. But you are completely right in thinking that it would just kill the name if it is used on a water based evil bad guy or octopus one more time. Here is a list of 26 more names, one for every letter of the alphabet. Sorry, there may be more than one for some letters and I know that some of these will be pretty lame. Please just ignore the lame ones.

A-Apontes, Acrim, Antiles, Aniphon
C-Corast, Colax, Cax
D-Devilo, Duux, Duzes
E-Echan, Ellod, Exortis, Eviel
F-Fostam, Filsev, Fallon, Fuze
H-Hazu, Haque, Harlen
I-Iberlen, Imortis, Ioum
J-Joque, Jorgan, Jallad, Jersa
K-Kampa, Kollin, Kox, Kadsin, Karrl
L-Lombardo, Lenton
M-Missal, Mortum, Madex, Mazek
N-Nortez, Naze
O-Ortiz, Opphian, Oisan
Q-Quile, Quex, Quosek
R-Rastok, Restavian(Sorry, I stole that one from somebody on this site), Ruux
S-Sorrel, Sojeck, Sephoth, Stacton
T-Terable, Tetril, Taque, Torrez, Tapoli, Tempeston
U-Uxil, Ustad, Uste
V-Vost, Vermiculon, Venraz, Vastor, Vauz, Vonte, Veltrex,
X-Xylon, Xaks, Xplos, Xun
Y-Yon, Yalis, Yonte, Yupor
Z-Zylynol, Zephon, Zecke, Zanis

I think that most of them suck, but thats why there are alot of them there.

Steel Skeleton
Unfortunately I then glued it so that the multi-melta was sticking out 90 degrees to the side of the tank, so it looks like the Adeptus Mechanicus guy is doing a drive-by.

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Default Re: Names?

Heres a few names I've cooked up and where I got them

Hephasto- IW daemon prince. Got this name back in my d2 playing days. There was a monster by this name

Ferdinand- Aspiring champion. This is a lil poke at the Archduke Franz Ferdinand who was assassinated in 1914 since the squad he leads tends not to have a great life expectancy

Ghidorah- My nids' hive fleet. Named after one of Godzilla's foes

Gashbad- Ork Warlord. Name was created by just combining orky sounding syllables
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Default Re: Names?

If you are looking for some Eldar Names go here http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=1701.0 and sue your find function and find words that you want your name to be... like my name, its the name of my Farseer which means Knowledge Eye... in honour of a Game is used to play with a Character called the All-Seeing Eye... but yeah... Im also working on a Eldar name generator and once it is done I shall post the download file here so all can have a Eldar Farseer in seconds...
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Default Re: Names?

Hmm... 40k names. I don't have many of these.

Guardsmen (125th Galchinians)- Colonel Brant, Augustus Kell, Commissar Lexington Scaros, Sergeant Dillon "Scar" Lemont, Sergeant Dominic Dirco, Comms operator Branson.

Other Imperial names- Inquisitor Lord Othinn, Chapter Master Logos.

Traitor Guard- Initiate Ral Daem, Lord Surta , High Lord Loaki.

I don't do Tau :P

Most of my names come completely off the top of my head, I just put letters together in different combinations that sound good.
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