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Rather new to the WH world and wondering ... ;
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Rather new to the WH world and wondering ... ;

Heya everyone, I'm quite new to WH 40K.
I don't really have a race I play yet, but I think I'd either go for Necrons, (for their supreme ranged) or the Tyranids (They just seem..right to me.)
Does anyone have some info for me about any of the following two races?
Or is there any race I can best try as newbie?

And please, dont tell me I have to go to the nearest GW shop,
I played a game there, you make a mistake, they say ; "Well, you lose" and they won't tell you rules or anything, not much of a help.

It'd be appreciated if you'd give me some support.
Many thanks - Rov. =)
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Default Re: Rather new to the WH world and wondering ... ;

Ok Rov... I was in your shoes abot 6 years ago and I believe the easiest starting race is Space Marines... But becareful, they are incredible powerful on there own and you might get the wrong view on all the other races as I did for a while...

If you want to go either Necrons or Tyranids... you have to ask your self a question or two...
1. do you want to over power your enemy so that they can not get near you?
2. Do you want to get near your enemy and make sure they cant shoot?

If you chose yes for 1 then that can be either, just then all your monsters and beasts such as Carnifexes will have venom things and guns and such...

The second question if you said yes this means Tyranids... You can use Necrons but they arnt as good...

If you said yes to both... then i say play Tyranids or if you like the random destructiveness of the Tyranids then maybe think about playing Chaos Space Marines...

In any case look through the rule book, look through each races codex, and who knows you might even find that you like Eldar but also visit each races section on TO to see what kind of peers you have...
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Default Re: Rather new to the WH world and wondering ... ;

the best and most common race for new comers is space marines. they're cheaper to collect(usually), they're easeir to paint, come with alot of options and plenty of variety. They're also extremely flexible, and so it doesn't really matter if you dont know if you want to play ranged or close combat, these bad boys can do both, on foot and in tanks.

As to necrons, they're also farely easy for starts, due to the simplicity of their list(only 1 HQ only 1 troop etc.). They're even more resiliant than marines, having the same stats, but then coming back from the dead afte they've been shot down. They're also pretty easy to paint, since a boltgun metal dry brush with some highlighting will do fine. Necrons can also play CC, but not as effectively as marines would. They have flayed ones, which are basicly close combat oriented warriors. Pariahs are the more expensive close combat units, but they ignore any and all saves, meaning no one is safe. And lastly wraiths, whos great save makes them durable enough to get stuck into combat. But their main focus is on ranged combat. Their basic troopers are as good is not better than marines at outshooting people. Destoryers provide quick and maneverable fireing platforms, while heavy destroyers hunt down and kill any enemy armour.

Tyranids aren't as simple to collect as marines or necrons. They're more organic, meaning it might be harder to apint them. Also, they tend to come in massive numbers, while marines and necrons have small elite forces. This means alot more assembling and painting. Also, their list is a bit more complicated, since you basicly have to construct your own breed of soldiers, configuring them as you want. This will probably be more challenging than necrons or marines, but if you feel they're the right ary for you then go for it. Eventually you'll learn the rules and get the hang of it, and you wont regret sticking to an army you really like. Bear in mind however, tyranids aren't a very shooty army. They can be configured to be shooty to a certain degree, but where they excell is in hand to hand where their stealthy elite soldiers, mamoth-like carnifexes and hordes upon hordes of gaunts will bring anything short of an ork army to its knees.
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Default Re: Rather new to the WH world and wondering ... ;

... Yeah pretty much... so id say go with SM or Necrons, or if you hvae play a few games with some friends armies and know the basic rules maybe get a Tyranid army... My friend started with a Nid army and he is now a pretty capible player...
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Default Re: Rather new to the WH world and wondering ... ;

To learn the rules you realy should get the rule book :-\

As to what army you want to play, you should concider several things like

1. Do you like the look of the army?
2. Do you like their fluff (story background etc)
3. Do you like their style of play

What im trying to say is do some reserch on the races and go for the one you like the best, if you enjoy looking at the Tyranids models and the thought of rushing into close combat and ripping up up your foes sounds good then by all means start a Tyranids army
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Default Re: Rather new to the WH world and wondering ... ;

Thanks for all the information guys
By the way, wich of the 3 races has the most tactics?
Because I like to use tactics, any of the 3 recommended?
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