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Base size for bikes?
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Default Base size for bikes?

Okay Im making some kustom boyz on bikes for my orks and I wanted to base them because it think it looks looks kinda cheap when bikes dont have a base, but I am not sure what size is proper. The "horse" bases used fo cav just dont look right for 40K so would terminator sized bases be "legal"? Thanks for any help you can throw my way!
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Default Re: Base size for bikes?

Uhhh... Why not use the old or maybe current... I havent bought Bikers for some time... But the used to come with bases and they were kinda like (or maybe exactly the same (remember i havnt bout bikers for ages)) as the cavalry bases but just spiff em up a bit... make em look snazzy... add some decapitated heads or some guns on the ground... or even extend the base at the back and make it look like hes run over a Imperial Guardsman... put a convincing tire track on him, and wah lah! some spiff-tastic lookin' Kustom Bika' Boyz!!!
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Default Re: Base size for bikes?

Termi bases could be used, but if you are assaulted many more people can get in Base-to-base. You could cut a small round base in half and then modify a cav base to the same length of the orginal base. Something like like this. (|) + |___| = (__)
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Default Re: Base size for bikes?

Is there a page in the bbb where you can find every categorie with there sizes.

I would like to know what size a battlesuit is ( infantry right size 1 right ? ) and my piranha
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Default Re: Base size for bikes?

Just a head's up!

This was a topic of GREAT debate a while ago, I believe in the D Eldar forum. Issue was people replacing bases with what made more "sense" to others.

Basically, there is a hard core element of rules-lawyers that say you CANNOT substitute different base sizes than with what the model came with. You can customise a base the same size, but cannot reduce it.

How that works with my original Bjorn Dreadnought (no base included) or old-style terminators (originally the metals used 25mm rounds), well, that's another issue. Apparently.

Be warned the rules lawyers will pounce on you at tournaments if you have non-standard bases. Ask someone who has those actual figures and try to use the original bases to avoid argument.

Piranha came with Large Flight base (60mm diameter, I believe) and Suits came with the large circular (40mm?) bases that most Inquisitor figs were on.

Issue of dissatisfaction was whether you had to use the larger flight bases with jet bikes. Many of us went and mounted them on 25 X 50s and others dropped to weighted small flight bases.
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