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Laughably n00b question
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Old 10 Jul 2006, 05:40   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Laughably n00b question

I was just wondering, with weapons that have different types of ammo (Imperial Guard Grenade Laucher - Frag or Krak, Tau Hammerhead cannon Submunition or solid shot) do you have to choose the ammo type before the game begins or are you allowed to switch off depending on your targets?
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Default Re: Laughably n00b question

You can switch it depending on the target. So the latter one.
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Default Re: Laughably n00b question

correct. Also make sure to declare the round you are using before you fire, unless you want to get into an arguement.
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Default Re: Laughably n00b question

Just remember, you can't fire both types of ammo in the same turn!
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Default Re: Laughably n00b question

Your soldier brings enoguh ammunition to shoot either one for the whole battle.

You can use a different one each turn.
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Default Re: Laughably n00b question

Just as a heads up, there are a few weapons that you have the choice of ammo, but you need to choose before the game and tell your opponent. These will always tell you in their description, such as the case with the Whirlwind, a space marine tank.

Normally however, everybody else is correct.
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