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What are the rules for Allies?
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Default What are the rules for Allies?

Lets say I wanted to have a BT main force with Witch Hunter allies. Do I need a witch hunter hq? Whats the rule?

Ya know what, scratch the WH thing, Inquisition have their own rules. Say I wanted to have BT with Imperial Fists as allies, since its more fluffy. Could I use Heavy Support if its part of the imperial fist army?
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Default Re: What are the rules for Allies?

If your asking for rules from the WH/DH codex, then I recommend either going for another read through it and posting what you dont understand or borrowing it from a friend (or reading a store copy) and doing the same. Posting exact rules is pretty frowned upon round here.

In response to your question about BT and Imp fists I would say to use seperate detatchments with their own force organisation charts. In this case the BTs and fists would both be their own "armies" but you could control them both. Make sure you let your opponents know that you're doing this as they would then be able to use multiple detactments as well. Also this is really only suited for large games

Of course, if you want to make up a special scenerio where your Fists are being backed up by a BT crusader squad, then go for it. But mak sure your opponents agree to it before hand
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