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Armored tactics
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Default Armored tactics

With the weakness of tanks to survive heavy weapons I decided to find a way to use tanks well.

3 things are needed:

1- 3 units of men that can over welm a unit with 20 or more shots.(models such as the vindicator assassin that chose which model they shoot at are also very good at this.)

2 or more vehicles with armor values that are greater than enemy small arms(example AV al around should be 11 or higher when facing marines.)

men to hold other flanks.


In the rule book their is a rule that lets you (the shooter) chose a model/models of your choice to take armor saves ass long as more wounds have been inflicted to that unit.(You chose the missile launcher,lascannon, lance,melta or what ever anti tank weapon that unit has. do this to all squads on a flank as your armor approaches(your armor should concentrate fire on stuff on the opposite flank as they approach). your tanks should be inviceable against enemy small arms so you can rampage though this flank with ease.

with guard(I tested with guard) you can have 3 heavy bolter support squads and 2 Russes for around 500-600 points. expensive but considering what your opponent will have in the center and a flank(takes about 3 turns to execute per side)you will eliminate 1000+ points and take out anti tank weapons. you then yous'e infantry to kill what remains.

This is limited use of this tactic, full use will be next:

This is how you would commit a full army with this(use same tactics but on larger base.

I tested the full version with marines.

commander with lightning claws and jump pack

5termies with 2 assault cannons mounted in Land raider crusader

6 marines,1 has plasma-in rhino X3

6 whirl winds,assault cannon,h.bolter

2 units of devastators with 4 h.bolters

use your vindicator supported by devastators to take a flank.

Use whirl winds against other(move 12 inches and they work as both armor and soupport)

have your infantry move to the center to attack fire.

after flanks have been dealt with attack from all sides at once for kill.


basically kill anti tank weapons and prey on units that can't deal with armor.

spell check was used.
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