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Old 29 Jun 2006, 03:03   #1 (permalink)
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Default Hopeless!!!

I don't know what to do.....I played 2 games last night, a 1200pt against another IG army and LOST. Then after that we joined our 2 IG forces to try and take out a Space Wolves army and got our butts handed to us.

In all fairness to me the puppy player is extremely good at tactics and knows how i play really well (even if I don't). But to lose to a guy that has only played about 5 games, to my 4-5 years of playing games and still not get anywhere. >

I am seriously considering not playing anymore...or at least having a break. I have 2 elite players giving me advice on everything, but when it actually comes down to doing it on the field...I doesn't happen. Why can't I put into action what has been taught to me? I have never been a tactical or strategic person, but I thought i'd be able to pick it up.

Sorry for ranting but it is so frustrating not having a win in well.....ever. I did draw once, but that was due to me playing nids and having more units on the field than the dark angels did. And the fact that I am playing against a very very ungracious winner, I am still hearing about how he made my commisar kill me.

Why can't I get anywhere? Is there any little tricks of the trade that you guys use to win or is it all strategy?
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Default Re: Hopeless!!!

"Destroy your opponent's mind, smash through his inner defences and crush whatever pitiful physical form remains."

Simple to say...hard to do. If someone is used to winning, let them think this case is the same as ever...that they don't need to try, that you're easy to beat, that you're weak and frail and let them casually go about their standard plan and process...and then just do something they don't expect or pull some dirty trick out of nowhere.

Play an army that scares people. Having lots of models, lots of tanks, lots of whatever...just something that scares people. If people are used to you fielding certain combinations, change them entirely...or just do something you know he'll have trouble countering. If someone is expecting you to take tanks, take none. All his lascannon points are now entirely wasted. You've given yourself a 100pt bonus from the start, plus another few hundred for the tanks he won't blow up.

If someone still carries on about his victory, let the sad little baby have it's bottle. Let him grow confident, for in that lies weakness and complacancy. I beat people purely because they don't ever know what to expect from me...and they assume their tried and true tactics will prevail. When they play something they haven't experienced, or something weird happens, they freak out and don't act wisely. Use this to your advantage- it's an edge, not a win in itself. A good player will just beat you anyway if you rely on your trick.

You lost...and you're letting it get you down? Look at why you lost...see where you went wrong and don't make that mistake again. Try something else next time in that situation, see how you got into it and avoid it in future. Change your list, your tactics or whatever...don't let yourself be a victim.

But yes...as I said...just go into the next game and look for a weakness in his list, his tactics or him as a person and exploit it when it best serves your purposes.
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Old 29 Jun 2006, 11:17   #3 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Hopeless!!!

To be honest, if you care that much about losing some games, I think it's time for a break. Not meaning to be snide, I'm serious. Once I start being too serious about a hobby, a lot fo the time I take a step or two back from it for a while and much of the enjoyment returns. I've been the GM for a lot of RPGs for a few years. A year or two ago, when I found it was getting more stressful than anything else, I just sat back and stopped running games for a while. When I came back and did it again, I enjoyed it much more.

The nice thing about taking a break for your existing hobbies is that you'll also likely pick up some new things (that's how I got into 40K!).
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Old 29 Jun 2006, 12:22   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Hopeless!!!

I would recomend that you continue fighting. I had the same problem you did. When I first started playing I never won, but I kept on playing. When I finaly got that win, the boost of confidence was so big and it felt so good. keep playing keep fighting, that victory will come soon enough.
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Old 29 Jun 2006, 14:01   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Hopeless!!!

IG is harder to play than many armies - kinda like Tau - because you can't really deny your opponent their actions. Meaning, if I'm playing an assault army, I can deny you some of your army simply by assaulting you with a fast unit - even if I don't massacre what I assault, I tie you up so you cannot shoot me, and our fight blocks lines-of-fire across the rest of the field.

As guard, you can shoot at things, but if you don't wipe them out, they can still tie you up. One marine can potentially tie up three lascannons for an entire game if it gets into contact with them.

There are ways around this, some of which are play-time strategies, and some of which are list-design changes.

Perhaps if you go into a bit more detail about how you lost - what happened to cause the loss - we could offer better advice. And, if it's Guard specific, perhaps in the Guard forum.
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Default Re: Hopeless!!!

I believe that I would also consider looking at some other armies. Some armies just don't click for some people. I know a guy who's been playing Eldar for a year and refuses to accept that he is very good with Marines because they're... well... Marines. Perhaps look at some different armies to see if there's something else you like. Many of the different armies play very differently and perhaps you'll find something that you're really good with, and you also get to enjoy collecting a new army
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Default Re: Hopeless!!!

Originally Posted by Goddess of Darkness
Why can't I get anywhere? Is there any little tricks of the trade that you guys use to win or is it all strategy?
Hey man,

The first step would be to look back at what happened and be able to answer the following:

1 - What parts of the game were critical points where you knew things were going down hill?
2 - What overall element in the game were you lacking that led to your loss?
3 - What did your opponent have or do that you couldn't deal with?
4 - How does his army list look?
5 - How does your army list look?
6 - Are there things that you could have shot early that ended up killing you later?
7 - Do you follow a smart target priority or do you just shoot at whatever you feel like killing?

Honest answers are expected though, especially that last one. Trying to say you follow schemes well, etc, will not lead to you winning games if it's not true.

The problem may be the lists. He may have a list built around anti-you. You may have an underpar list for the level of game he's going to play at. Maybe there's an aspect in the game that you're missing out on that you never saw as important, but you're starting to see something's missing. The more details you can give us, the faster we can find that missing element and give you the tools you need to go win some games or at least compete in them.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Hopeless!!!


I have been playing for the better part of about 10 years. The tau army I have been playing for about 5 years in my current set up. About two weeks ago I got my head handed to me by a prick that min/maxed his bug army. After posing the situation to the forum I found a new answer to what I needed to do.

I would say experiment with a few different army's before you give up on the game. Shooty army's aren't for everyone. Like one of the above posts, one of my friends was a terrible IG player, as in I mean bad. Every game he played was a complete wipe. However....

He got pissed off, as in raving mad. We didn't see him for about three weeks. He came back with a 2000pt Khorne army. As the normal people I played with set their lists against him for anti IG, 2K of Khorne's best came out, chosen and all. The ensuing slaughter was a spectacle as the black Templar's that were geared for IG, were slain to the last model, on turn 4 mind you. The marine player left with his tail in between his legs.

I don't say this much, girl... put the rifle down, and pick up that chain axe, it just might do the trick. But then again, a chick playing slaneesh, ones mind could only wonder....
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Old 29 Jun 2006, 22:23   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Hopeless!!!

Ok...just a few things.

I have tried Dark Eldar, Nids, Marines ( Liked them but my hubby plays marines and has claimed the 'good guys' so to speak ), yes even a small go at a slaneesh army. But to no avail with any of them.

Also it is not the fact that I lost one game....it's the fact that I lose every game...and not usually in a small margin either. After every game I make a point of sitting down and discussing what happened and where I went wrong. I can see where I went wrong but in the next game there are differnt stratagies used and I just don't seem to have the knowhow to counter them. It's not the lists it's the way I play. Deployment is the hardest for me. I was taught never to counter the opposition but to deploy for your own game then re-deploy for the game after assessing the enemy. That doesn't work either, cause I can't see what they are ging to do till it hits me and its to late to do anything.

I do recognise the fact that I sometimes try to play my old nids army with my IG and that is in the process of being wiped from memory. I don't want to go charging a Long Fang pack any time soon.

I am thinking of not giving up on the game but sit down and actually do some painting for a change. I was given a 2000pt IG army and the paint job on them is shocking. Maybe reading up on a few Batreps again and coming back with a vengence.

All for the greater goddess...ummm I meant good

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Old 29 Jun 2006, 23:07   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: Hopeless!!!

How many point battles do you play? Perhaps starting with smaller games (1000pts? 750?) till you get the feel of the IG would help.

Would also like to echo something Mal said: Target Priority. This will usually make or break a game. See what your opponent has, and give yourself a checklist of what needs to die the quickest...then blow it up. Move down to item #2...so on and so fourth.

Good luck, and Never Give Up The Fight!

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