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The most attractive army......
View Poll Results: Which force do you think looks the most attractive on a gaming board?
Tau Empire 4 19.05%
Space Marines 2 9.52%
Chaos Space Marines 0 0%
Eldar 3 14.29%
Dark Eldar 0 0%
Orks 0 0%
Necrons 1 4.76%
Daemon Hunters 3 14.29%
Witch Hunters 1 4.76%
Imperial Guard 3 14.29%
Lost and the Damned 0 0%
Tyranids 3 14.29%
Other 1 4.76%
Voters: 21. You may not vote on this poll

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General Stupidity
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Default The most attractive army......


The purpose of this poll is to identify which force catches your eye on the tabletop. You know there's a battle going on and you walk past and see some models that catch your eye and you say "cool" So which one catches your fancy........................
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Default Re: The most attractive army......

As far as pure aesthetics are concerned, I have to say the tau. When properly constructed and painted to at least a tabletop standard they are one of the cleanest and visually stunning armies that I have played or faced.

But then again any army with the proper amount of time and attention can be visually stunning... except death guard. to call the nurgle based chaos marines beautiful is an anethma to all that is good and beautiful in our world (of 40k).
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Default Re: The most attractive army......

Imperial Guard. Hands down.

You can put your eye down to the same level as your models, and see allt he little IG heads...

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Default Re: The most attractive army......

id say the tau
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Default Re: The most attractive army......

There’s nothing better than seeing a bunch of bugs having a rollicking good time.
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Default Re: The most attractive army......

I think the army 'read the stickies ' is best. Locked.
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