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opponent's permission and Forge World
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Default opponent's permission and Forge World

I played an IG drop troopers guy with my Khorne Berzerkers. he whipped out a valkyrie. he says that now all non-superheavy Forge World guys are legal and don't require the opponent's permission. of course, being Khorne, all i've got is pistols, as his DTs took out my pred and dread fairly quickly. as i was kicking his slats in, i let him use it.

basically, are all non-superheavy Forge World things usable without opponent's permission?
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Default Re: opponent's permission and Forge World

I know my local group doesnt make people beg to use non superheavy FW stuff, but technically he should still ask permission. Do note however, a guard player with a valkyrie may be running a themed airborne list and so denying him the use of his flyers may result in him not being able to play (at least at that pts level).
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Default Re: opponent's permission and Forge World

Yes- he was perfectly in his limits to do that. Seeing as you beat him anyway, it doesn't much matter but FW stuff is non-opponent's permission unless it is a super heavy, in which case you must definitely ask permission.
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Default Re: opponent's permission and Forge World

Here, in my groups, permission is called 'notice' as nobody would ever deny another permission as a matter of honour and respect for people that cough up the loads of money and place in the extra effort to make a Forge World model :P

And as for the rules...since it's not a big super-heavy tank that costs 700pts, then there's no need to even tell you. Since his list is nicely themed, I don't think it's even a beardy throw-in...but don't worry, he wasn't lying
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Default Re: opponent's permission and Forge World

Well because a Valkyrie isn't a 800pt world destroyer it seems OK, after all if he's using drop troops and you've pretty much eviscerated his army then yeah i would have let him. I know an opponent who uses a Valkyrie (he uses it to add more cheesiness!) and he bought a shadowsword but he can't use it in our GW store! ;D
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Default Re: opponent's permission and Forge World

Bloody hell...Is there an echo in here? Does anybody else want to tell him the same thing? I think Colonel_Sanders already answered this question. :
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Default Re: opponent's permission and Forge World

um... when did that rule take effect. the last time that I looked in a forgeworld book it said that you had to have your opponents permission to play anything not covered in an actual codex.

Now granted I only have the first 3 Imperial armours so a later one could have come out with different rules, but common courtesy would have you at least forewarn your opponent. Just dropping the valkyrie and saying that it isn't a superheavy so you don't have a choice in the matter is just plain rude. most opponents wouldn't have a problem if you were up front about it (my group however has a blanket rule, no forgeworld and no vdr), but I can guarantee that if you placed it directly on the table and said you could use it, I would then grab my models and tell you were you could put it.

Basically with opponents permission only.
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Default Re: opponent's permission and Forge World

Yep, you need permission to use any FW rules.
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Default Re: opponent's permission and Forge World

He should at least let you know prior to setting up the game what he has planned. Especially if it's a Flyer.
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Default Re: opponent's permission and Forge World

To be honest, I have never in my life heard that you do not need permission to use any Forge World product.

It might be a house rule some places to allow non-supers but the standing rules as far as I know is in fact the opposite. You CANNOT take a Forge World model without opponent permission just as you cannot take a vehicle made with the trial vehicle rules without permission. The Forge World models have not been balanced with the existing lists and also sometimes use rules the lists existing do not take advantage of( ie; flyers).

So while it is good that you won, he should have asked before hand for permission to use the model.
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