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Rulebook worth it?
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Old 22 Jun 2006, 04:15   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Rulebook worth it?

Hey I've been building up my army for some time and it is Finally big enough to where I can play with my friends. One problem is that I don't have the WH40k Rule Book for myself. My brothers friend has it and my other brothers friend has the basic little one that comes with the starter set. Now I know the basic rules but not the in depth ones. I could just borrow the main one from my brother's friend for a bit and read it through. Or just play with him as he knows the rules pretty well.

Now on the bases of that does the rule book have lots of fluff and artwork? It would almost be worth it just to have the thing just for some well written fluff and Warhammer artwork. Also I it would be nice to always have around for some quick look-ups for when I need it.

So judged by my situation do you guys think the Warhammer 40k Rule Book is worth the money? Your input should make this an easier decision.
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Default Re: Rulebook worth it?

Honestly, you should probably get it. Especially if you plan on getting involved in a tournament or something.

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Default Re: Rulebook worth it?

Yes, the book has alot of fluff. As has been pointed out to me, probably fourty pages out of close on 300 is acutally rules. The rest is art and fluff and background. It also has the rules for Killteam and some tips on some simple terrain which isn't in that little book. As this is a very recent edition it's going to be good for sometime and the info in some of the codex is incomplete without it.

Well, here is the basics of it. The book is the game.

The models don't really matter. You could play with pocket change using diffrent denominations for the diffrent units. It's the rules that make the game. If you plan to play for any amount of time or even in a tourney you should probably get it so you can spend some serious time on it. The amount of rules we get asked aorund here keeps mine next to my computer and I at least consider myself a halfways knowledgable player.

If you get nothing else form GW I'd say get the rulebook and your army's codex. Really those are the only things you need.
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Default Re: Rulebook worth it?

Originally Posted by Juru
Now I know the basic rules but not the in depth ones. I could just borrow the main one from my brother's friend for a bit and read it through. Or just play with him as he knows the rules pretty well.
If you plan on seriously taking up the hobby, then you need the rulebook, no doubt about it. Just go on ebay and pick one up for cheap.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Rulebook worth it?

Right I'll pick one up. Thanks for the info.
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Default Re: Rulebook worth it?

You do not know the rules of 40k until you have read through the rulebook. It's a great read, with a lot of good modelling tips, and it has some awesome fluff, everywhere from the Horus Heresy, to the history of the modern psyker.
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