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Default infiltration

ok sry to bother but i dont own a copy of the new rules, and my friends insist that Infiltrators can move twice on first turn. He infiltrates his flayed ones and moves them, then goes to movement phase and moves them again, then assaults. so thats a total of 18 inches for a normal foot sloggin unit. so im not sure if this is right or not so can this be clarified?
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Default Re: infiltration

It's against forum rules to ask these kind of questions.

It's okay to ask for a ruling on unclear rules, but it's not okay to ask what rules are because you don't own them.

Now, go buy the rulebook.
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Default Re: infiltration

He's mixing both the inflitrators and Scout rules together. Tell him he's pulling your leg.
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Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: infiltration

There is only one unit that can do this by my recallection and that's Shrike's Wing, since they actually have both the infiltrate and scout rules
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