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Question about CC..
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Default Question about CC..

Today I was thinking about what close combat actually represents. So hitting is if your hit actually gets through to the enemy, wounding is seeing if it has enough strength to actually cause a wound, and saving is to see if your armor blocks it entirely. So if that's what it is, shouldn't you actually roll to save before the opponent rolls to wound? Here's an example: A Space Marine and a Chaos Marine are fighting. So they're mainly parrying each other's blows (as they have the same WS), but then the SM gets a hit through. So it happens to find a weak point in his armor, but the knife just makes a small slash, so the Chaos Marine shrugs it off. I don't know if this order would actually change things (I'm terrible at doing statistics :-[), but just throwing out a question to ponder.
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Default Re: Question about CC..

Saving is a matter of convenience to allow for a fluid game of you rolling twice and your opponent having final control over the fate of his models (mostly). It stops a 'back and forth' confusing method of play and gives you a genuine feeling of power to see if you can save your troops at the last second with a good roll.
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Default Re: Question about CC..

you're right, and in theory this should apply to all hits, not just CC. but it would mean passing dice back and forth, which just isn't conveniant.
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Default Re: Question about CC..

Other than convience, it would slow the already slow game into a crawl. That's why 40K isn't completely realistic. We need some simplicty.
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Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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