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Review of the new "Roughcoat"
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Default Review of the new "Roughcoat"

Well, I was intrigued by the notion of a textured spraypaint today and picked up a can of the new Roughcoat here are my thoughts. Lets see what my $15 canadian got me

Does it do what it promises?
Originally Posted by GW
Roughcoat is a perfect undercoat for your scenery. It will add a slight texture to any scenery, giving a more reaslistic 'stone' effect. Perfect for your Cities of Death buildings.
Yes, it does provide a slight texture. VERY slight. In fact if you spray the roughcoat onto a surface and then spray another grey spraypaint next to it you probably wont notice the difference. In order to get close to the desired effect out of it you pretty much will have to drybrush it and even then it is barely noticeable, especially at a distance. Perfect scenery undercoat? Not really. You'll still probably have to re-undercoat you scenery with chaos black since the base colour of the roughcoat is probably to light provide a good base for drybrushing anyway. Now honestly we cant expect massive sand particles to be flung from an aeresol (sp) can without it getting clogged the first time you use it, but I think they can do better than this.

My verdict 5/10. It does provide some texture, and while we must be reasonable and assume that getting massive amounts of texture is not feasible with the spray delivery, I think they could do better

Ease of use

On one hand its a sprayapaint, so that makes it easy. On the other hand you're probably gonna have to paint over it anyway. Also, dont believe any staffers telling you that you can spray this stuff on foam without it melting, they are wrong. It doesnt seem AS bad as a regular can of black spray for some reason, but it still has enough dissolving power to completely wreck any scenery projects. This leads me to believe that the statement in the previous section means that its really intended for use with their plastic buildings. Using this stuff on MUCH cheaper scenery made from foamcore will require sealing the foam areas first. Usually this is done by brushing PVA glue or some sort of filler onto the areas to be sprayed. So why not just mix a few grains of sand in and save yourself $15?

Rating 5/10. The only thing that saves it from an abysmal rating is that it wouldnt be TOO hard to use on the likes of a plastic ruin if you feel like spending the money on them

Cost effectiveness
This is where things hit the pits lads (cue up the disgruntled "what did you expect" mutterings of GW-hating). We all know GW stuff is overpriced by a fairly large degree, but in the case of this spray things are compounded. The fact that it is ideally used on expensive plastic scenery is a big one. The redundancy of needing to buy a can of chaos black to re-spray it is another, but what I think really kills it is comparing the $15 candian price tag to just mixing some sand into PVA glue and water. Lets face it, most people arent going to buy the expensive plastic scenery. Most scenery builders will probably make their own with foamcore. And this requires sealing. Its just much more cost effective to mix some fine grain sand into your sealing material and slather it on the walls as well as the exposed foam.

Rating 3/10

Final thoughts

While the roughcoat may be useful for painting the likes of pre-made plastic ruins (or other materials that dont require sealing), I feel it just isnt worth it for the more common foamcore ones when you can just get some fine grain sand and mix it into the PVA glue you'll use to seal it anyway. If the GW staffer's claims that it wouldn't eat foam were true, then it might've been much more worthwhile, but as it is, I'm not at all impressed with it. Bear in mind this is just my personal opinion of the stuff and if you think its the greatest thing since sliced bread more power to you! I just wanted to share my thoughts about this new paint so that you might be better informed if you have to decide whether or not to pick it up

Final Rating 4.5/10
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Default Re: Review of the new "Roughcoat"

rough coat's not actually new.
they've just re rereleased it.

and it's better to be used on IG tanks to do camos. heard it makes job much easier and looks better too.
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Default Re: Review of the new "Roughcoat"

I'm even planning to spray paint a squad of FW with it. Give them a look like they've been through some rubble...
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Default Re: Review of the new "Roughcoat"

Elessar's Review on Rough Coat: "ARGH! Its all over my hands. Oh, god no, not the carpet! GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF!"
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Default Re: Review of the new "Roughcoat"

Plus, based in my experience, for every can you buy, you only get half the can before the "texture" in the spray clogs the nozzle and it becomes unusable.
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Default Re: Review of the new "Roughcoat"

I have used something similar for Cityfight buildings in college. I worked great. It just took a lot of shaking and tip maintenance. (clogged easily)
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Default Re: Review of the new "Roughcoat"

I put some on my two hellhounds, so i could then drybrush some camo blotching on.. seems to work okay- so far. Still, for the money its prolly not that good.

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Default Re: Review of the new "Roughcoat"

Isn't a cheaper and better version at your local Home Depot store?
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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