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Steadfast and Guerillas?
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Default Steadfast and Guerillas?

I'm reading the gaunts ghosts veterans entry and it says they have the battle honours steadfast and guerillas. As in page xxx of the 3rd edition rulebook. Now I don't have this rulebook so I was wondering if anyone could tell me where to find it.
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Default Re: Steadfast and Guerillas?

Steadfast Battle honors is a special rule for Catachan Devils as well... I want to know what that one is.

Guerillas sounds interesting...
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Default Re: Steadfast and Guerillas?

Page 163 in the 3rd Edition rule book .


Now as for what they do.. hmmm I am not sure if it's against copyright for be to tell you what they do or not. If I am wrong here, Mods edit this out.

"Guerrillas" is the same thing as "move through cover"

"Stead fast" means your very similar to Space Marines... except you don't automatically pass your test, you must take the regrouping test, but you may even if under 50%.

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