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Best armys for Cities of Death
View Poll Results: Which of these armys do you think will do well in Cities of Death
Chaos Space Marines 10 12.20%
Dark Eldar 1 1.22%
Orks 7 8.54%
Tyranids 13 15.85%
Lost and the Damned 2 2.44%
Necrons 4 4.88%
Tau 21 25.61%
Space Marines 4 4.88%
Eldar 4 4.88%
Daemonhunters 1 1.22%
Imperial Guard 8 9.76%
Witch Hunters 7 8.54%
Voters: 82. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Best armys for Cities of Death

Since i'm not quiet sure if i can post in my own poll, i'd vote Tyranids
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Default Re: Best armys for Cities of Death

Orks can be downright cruel with the right strategems. With all the buildings LoS is gonna be darn difficult to get on a mob. Heres just a few examples of orky nastyness in CoD

-A 30 strong mob popping up from a sewer right in front of your firing line!

-Ardboyz with Feel No Pain. Its gonna take a nuclear warhead to shift that!

-A More Dakka Flash Git mob with 5 big shootas that re roll misses. 15 of those will pump out a dememted 35 shots that will hit with better than 50% accuracy. If massed big shootas were bad before, try re rolling them. Hell a rapid firing shoota mob would de pretty scary too!

-Wrecker Killa Kanz! Now with tear down building action!

-And who can forget the ork's ultimate weapon... GROTS! This has little to do with CoD, but the lil blighters are just so freakin' useful!
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Default Re: Best armys for Cities of Death

I played a city of death game the other day with the help of The Chimp and I used Necrons, It would have been a draw if someone told me the platform I moved my Immortals out of earlier counted as a building. (Whoever had the most buildings at the end won)

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Default Re: Best armys for Cities of Death

tau, because they have excelent comunication systems, mobility and thrive in concentrated fire environments.
imperial guard, because, well, we rock.
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Default Re: Best armys for Cities of Death

Nids, Chaos, and orks get the best deal.

- Nids are just nasty in CC, and homogaunts have a charge of 12", that totaly ingnores terrain.

That means they can be walking along, then suddenly, charge through the rubble like it wanst there, leap over a building, then into you.

- Orks have nothing I would call a armor save, but nowadays, ruined buildings give a 4+

- And the right kind of Choas army could own all
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Default Re: Best armys for Cities of Death

Nids don't ingore difficult terrain, they just have move through cover. Though that does mean they have a fairly good chance of speeding through it!
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Gah! Not a silly Canadian. Can't Falstead ever be wrong?!?!? ;D
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My god.... the sarcasm there nearly shorted out my computer screen Nice.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Best armys for Cities of Death

Tau will be excellent as long as all your Area Terrain buildings are narrower than six inches, so that they can jump back and forth across them without landing in "dangerous terrain."

Night Lords will likely still remain as a powerful army in the new City Fight as they were in the old City Fight. Jump Packs with access to Skilled Rider, Monstrous Creatures or Dreadnoughts or Defilers for Wrecker, a veteran skill that makes every building effectively a Fortification, and lots and lots of mobility.
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Default Re: Best armys for Cities of Death

I think nids will do the best because this seems to be their environment. Lots of cover, terrain for them to run through, and reduced line of sight for their enemies? yeah, thank the lord that I finally started the hive.
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Default Re: Best armys for Cities of Death

Nids and orks will do well thanks to cover, Tau and Eldar will do well thanks to their mobility and powerful short ranged weaponry, chaos for a number of nasty reasons, IG for massed indirect fire and cover, SM are well nothing special but nothing too bad, Daemonhunters Im not sure of and Necrons could be very nasty. However I think the cake goes to the sisters. So many flamer templates, so much power armor plus great cover to make use of and strategems on top of their faith points. All of the armies will do well when done right, some more than others but Id have to say the best would be the sisters, they are almost made for this.

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Default Re: Best armys for Cities of Death

Hi Bro! well as you know i voted marines because i do blood angels and i couldn't resist clicking on the marines button Sanguinius told me himself to click, so i did.
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