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Cities of Death!!
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Default Cities of Death!!

I have just finished reading through the Cities of Death book and found that it is really well laid out.

They have done a really good job with this book.

There is lots of info and advice within.

What do others think?

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Default Re: Cities of Death!!

Good to hear you're happy, was there anything in particular that caught your interest?
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Default Re: Cities of Death!!

Originally Posted by Commander SilentStrike
I have just finished reading through the Cities of Death book and found that it is really well laid out.

They have done a really good job with this book.

There is lots of info and advice within.

What do others think?

Its an interesting book, and stratagems sound fun. Few thoughts and comments I have:

-Does the ammunition store stratagem work for markerlights? I could imagine 8 pathfinders with essentially twinlinked markerlights would be pretty good, you could easily get 5 markerlight hits per turn, meaning you could get tau squad shooting at BS 5 and ignore cover saves. This would decimate weaker units, and even MEQ would have problems, you could either have plenty AP3 shots like that, or just forget the cover ignoring, and blast away 36 pulse rifle shots with BS 5.

-There is also the possibility of cropping 20 kroots in building, that will also make one hellish hail of fire. Given the ammo dump, full kindred and maybe a krootox or two would make a nailhard "anchor", protecting flank and keeping some area.

-Flamers in CoD are nasty, however, if you have big building so you can place all your troops to third floor or higher (counting ground, second, third) you are pretty safe from flamers, unless the opponent gets higher in his building, or climbs in your building.

-Always place the key building stratagems in your own deployment zone. Otherwise your opponent ca choose the demolition stratagem and choose your key building as target. This will soon lead to rendering your stratagem useless, and for thoughtless players (who donīt think the building is abotu to detonate) can lead to heavy troop casualties.

-Kroots in fortified building can cause severe mayhem, and short of flamers and siege shells are near unremovable.

-If your opponent goes heavy on indirect (good weapons in cityfight), you can neutralize a lot of it by staying on the bottom floor under the "roofs". Getting hits on models there is very difficult. (and you still get 4+ cover save)

-Sewer rats is a great psyke stratagem. You can place some near to places you think your opponent will place artillery (prererrably place the sewers in your LOS). If he blocks them, you can shoot him, if he ignores them, you have the chance of placing your models there. You might want to place two sewers to take care of artillery, making it harder to blobk both. Making a sewer exit near key building can also make the opponent feel unsafe. I think one should always place one sewer a bit further away, not as an obvious threat. This sewer could be near a route the enemy vehicles are likely to take, allowing close range antitank squads (melta?) to jump on youropponent with good accuracy. Even if they hamper his movement, you have edge in combat, and you donīt have to use the sewer rats there.

Rule questioning, house rule ideas and tweaks. these are personal ideasand thoughts without playtesting meant for house rules if someone is interested.

-Do siege shells and fortified buildings have any relation? If siege shells are fired on fortified building, it wonīt get any benefit for fortification. It still damages/collapses like normal building. Wouldnīt it be fortified to take heavy bombardment better? Maybe first siege shell hit would remove the fortification bonus, second make the building dangerous and third destroys?

-If the building collapses, and the models take wounds, wouldnīt the height affect it? If you are on 5th floor you are much less likely to survive. Maybe a +1 to wound propability per floor, or something similar as a house rule. It makes it more complex, but might add some extra flavor, and make a high place more dangerous. (I donīt think ATM there is any flaw on being on high floor.)

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