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Battle for Maccrage Boxed set.
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Default Battle for Maccrage Boxed set.

Does the rule book that comes in the battle for maccrage boxed set have all the same rules in it as the normal rule book or is it just the basic rules. I've been using it for a while now and a friend of mine just told me that they left some things out. I'd just like a clarification.
Also, I'd like to know if sniper rifles still cause pinning.
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Default Re: Battle for Maccrage Boxed set.

The Battle for Macragge rulebook has all the rules you need to play full normal games of Warhammer 40,000.

The big book has rules for Combat Patrol and Kill Team, two variant ways of playing. I think it also has some more scenarios.

And yes sniper rifles cause pinning, it's in the rule book.

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Default Re: Battle for Maccrage Boxed set.

It's the same rules, but the hardback version has more background, more scenarios, more painting and modeling info, and different modes of play (i.e., combat patrol and kill team).

It's worth pointing out that most of this info exists elsewhere anyway so you can live with it and never need the other, but the hardback version is the nicer of the two.
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Default Re: Battle for Maccrage Boxed set.

This definitely isn't my first post, but anyway thanks for the reply, I knew that it was the full rules.
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Default Re: Battle for Maccrage Boxed set.

Objection, your honor!
The Macragge rule book does not have the complete rules.
Among other things, it lack the rules for minefields.

(While this is a minor point, it tells me that I need the Big Book to be certain I have all the rules).
On the other hand, any booklet with the basic rules in it help the beginner. And I can usually follow, and take part in, a rules argument using only macragge.
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