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Your Characters names.
Closed Thread
Old 27 May 2006, 07:42   #1 (permalink)
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Default Your Characters names.

Is your army a fluffy one?
If so what are your officers, characters, sergeants, leaders, Tyrants, lords, Leiutenants etc. Names?

Here are mine for my Catachans

-Colonel 'Typhoon' Torrezz

Elites 1
-Veteran Assault Sergeant 'Explosive' Diaman

Elites 2
-Devil Officer- Master Sergeant 'The Anarchist' JD
-Veteran Devil Sergeant 'Chaos Creator' Ramondo

Troops 1
-Lt. 'Taipan' logan
-Veteran Sergeant 'Slayer' Cort
-Veteran Sergeant 'Blade' Jeta

Troops 2
-Captain 'Wraith' Warrik
-Veteran Sergeant 'Krak' Nah'lar
-Veteran Sergeant 'Fry' Smar
-Veteran Sergeant 'Cobra' Garett

Troops 3
-Captain 'Snapper' Forenz
-Veteran Sergeant 'Nugget' Buckly
-Veteran Sergeant 'Blood worm' Hendo
-Veteran Sergeant 'Crisp' Immerson

Troops 4
-Captain 'Cargo' Shipper
-Veteran Sergeant 'Jimmy' James
-Veteran Sergeant 'Chippy' Dunbar

Fast attack 1
-Veteran Patrol Sergeant 'Butch' Kai

For my Chaos I have

HQ 1
-Lord Kashel Of the Eye

HQ 2
-Leiutenant Jeret

and thats as far as i go with names...

So what are your armies characters?
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Default Re: Your Characters names.

Currently the only names that are permanent are my Shas'O Ximoro'An and Shas'el Ren'va. The others have had names occasionally but they keep changing. Once I actually finish building my army Ill go through and name all the shas'ui, suits and tanks.

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Default Re: Your Characters names.

before I start, Mr grammatically correct wishes to point ou that lieutenant is spelt "lieu" not "leiu".

I apologise for my corrective nature.

I have just the name for my commanders and my ethereal, I think they were

Shas&#39;O Dal&#39;yth Mont&#39;au
Shas&#39;O Dal&#39;yth Mont&#39;re Sho&#39;ka
Aun&#39;O Au&#39;taal lar&#39;shi
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Default Re: Your Characters names.


Commander/HQ - Kanoka
Shaper - Kor&#39;Va
Stealth Leader: Thayn


Commander/HQ - Krimnox the Destroyer
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Default Re: Your Characters names.

HSO: Colonel White Rabbit
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Default Re: Your Characters names.

All my guy&#39;s are either called phil or Master chief (I can relate any word to master Chief)

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Default Re: Your Characters names.

A number I have cooked up

Shas&#39;O Tor&#39;Ores&#39;Shan. It origionally didnt have the Ores, but i thought it sounded too much like a certain Salamander Chapter master so i stuck the extra word in there

Daemon Prince Hephasto: The leader of my IW army. The name is a d2 reference. Anybody who played the game will know who I&#39;m talking about

Aspiring Champion Ferdinand: Leader of the legendary IW "Suicide Squad". They got that name after a string of games where they ended up horribly butchered. Eventually it became part of their character and they now have a tendancy to get sent on the most suicidally dangerous missions I can think of! The name is a reference to Franz Ferdinand (not the band, the guy who got assassinated to spark of WW1)

Warlord "Armageddon Chainsaw Massacre" Gashbad:
The legendary freebootin Warlord! I came up with the name by just stringing together random orky sounding syllables

Krug Blackfang: A former skarboy nob, now wired into the hull of a "Gorkzilla" pattern stompa (counts as looted russ)

Prince Ghidorah: My flying Hive Tyrant. Its more of a funny nickname than anything. King Ghidorah would be a 3 headed harridan...

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Default Re: Your Characters names.

Shas&#39;O Aun Kauyon Mal&#39;caor &#39;la

"The spider who helps with divine might and infinite wisdom"

And all my Ultramarines are from when the 3rd company re-took the northern polar defences, namely dreadnaught iron claw (holds the honor for the first documented wounding of hive tyrant)
"He may say he fights for the greater good but we know tat his kind cannot be trusted"

"His name doesn&#39;t make any sense! How can you be a commander, Aun AND volenteer at the same time!?!"

translated parts of suspicous conversation about the Mal&#39;caor&#39;la 8.05.10990
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Old 28 May 2006, 20:28   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Your Characters names.

My Tau army is led by Shas&#39;el Doran&#39;sha&#39;is, who I may promote depending on the army&#39;s performance on Medusa V.

EDIT: The name translates as Calmwind. As in the calm before the storm.
"The Greater Good means nothing to you, and so you are nothing to me."
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Default Re: Your Characters names.

For my Eldritch Raiders, I have thus far:

Cadre Captain - Dra&#39;Tuisich-Novae (My Namesake)

Serpent-Squad Malefactor - Marchenil

Fast Attack:
EML Vyper Gunner - Axekenlil (As soon as I made fluff for him, he&#39;s started not only hitting things, but also doing loads of harm when he does!
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