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Games Day Coverage
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Default Games Day Coverage

First off, I have to get this out. I am on the Gamesday website woohooo!

I'm the dude on the far left in the coat staring at the Dark Elves.

Games Day Baltimore kinda sucked. There was no grand tournament, and the thing lasted a day instead of 2. However, I walked away with around 100 dollars in models. I strongly rec comend going to a new player or anyone in general. I sat in on Gav Thorpe's' Discussions, and the new MMORPG is going to rock. The conversion contest got a little stupid though, because you had all these newbs building entire squads of space marines, stealing bitz, or building 2 - 3 land speeders with no conversion whatsoever. All in all it was a great experience, it would be nice to have input from someone else who was there.
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