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What can I do at Games Day
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Default What can I do at Games Day

I got a Games Day ticket for playing 10 games during the last campaign thing and I was thinking about going but I don't know what the ticket allows me to do? Do I bring an army, if so how many points? Or is it just to walk around and watch other people play.
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Default Re: What can I do at Games Day

I'm guessing from the timezone in your profile you're in North America...I've only been to UK Gamesdays, so I'll guess.

There's normally a whole lot of participation games - one I remember from last year were a whole chapter of Space Marines trying to boot the 'nids off their homeworld. The board(s) must have covered about 100 sqaure feet, total. All minis supplied; you just show up and play.

You may have GW brass around to answer questions, possibly seminar-type arrangements. Lots of pre-release stuff from GW and FW to ogle at. I had the pleasure of talking to Jes Goodwin and the GW tooling team last year, but I've no idea who'd come to a US one.

There might be the "bring and battle" tables; last year you booked them an a hour at a time, so it's best to take combat patrol/border patrol type armies, if you like that sort of thing. Good opportunity to play forumites you wouldn't otherwise see, if you set it up beforehand.

And of course there's Golden Demon. Go, look, and if you're like me, weep (or maybe enter, I'm still planning this year's diorama).

There'll most likely be loads of other stuff I've forgotten too - THQ showing off their latest WH games, Black Library book signings (sometimes; Dan Abnett was signing copies of His Last Command last year), things like that.

So, yeah, there's lots to do...
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Default Re: What can I do at Games Day

Hey man, I'm guessing you're in Canada because

a) I know they did the 10 games = Gamesday ticket here

b) It's the Toronto Gamesday on Saturday!

If you've got the free ticket then you should DEFINITLEY go to Gamesdsay.

It's a great event full of gamers. There's tons of boards for playing games on. All you need to do is show up and play, you don't need to bring any minis at all. However if you do bring minis there's tables where you can "bring and battle" or some of the premade boards might let you use your army on them.

So yeah go to Gamesday and have a blast.

Oh and my Club and I are brining a board to Gamesday Toronto, so if you're going to be there and you want details PM me.
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Default Re: What can I do at Games Day

i just go there to save on postage from forgeworld and to check out the new models. last GD i spent most of the time blowing the crap out of people with my tau and playing winter assault.
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Default Re: What can I do at Games Day

just to let you know, unless you have the mega ticket, NO free mini included. It must be purchased from the shop (it wasn't like that last year, but this year they gave way too many free tickets out). Also where they have conversion and stuff like that, before games day is over head over there. They give out free spures like 6 -10 inch piles. Last year included all the 40k vehcle bits from all races.
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Default Re: What can I do at Games Day

Yeah it is the Toronto Games Day on Saturday. I haven't been to one before so I don't know if I should bring my army or just myself. I really don't want to lug around 1500 pts of WitchHunters, they might get broken, stolen etc.

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