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How fast do you build up your army?
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Old 23 May 2006, 02:10   #1 (permalink)
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Default How fast do you build up your army?

I started collecting my Tau army a year ago and my army is still under 500 pts.

Due distance issues and the accumlation of cash, my army has been building up slowly.

I thought about getting the battleforce set, but I will end up overwhelm with so many models to build.

I just wonder how do people here build up their army?

Do you plan everything before hand and then buy everything at once?

Do you buy one unit at a time over a long period?
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Default Re: How fast do you build up your army?

It takes me Forever to make an army. The problem I have is that while I absolutely love the design aspect of the hobby, and have to date filled two notebooks full of possible army designs, I hate painting with a passion. I just can't stand holding a tiny brush and slowly coloring it stroke by stroke, it's time consuming and generally boring.

The only reason I put up with it is that after I finish the torturous experience I get a warm fuzzy feeling about surviving it. :P

I have to go section by section because I change my mind a hundred times or more thinking about what I want to get stuck painting next. ;D
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Default Re: How fast do you build up your army?

Normally it takes a long time for me to build an army but ltaely its been going faster. I got something of a windfall and now am heading towards a 2500pt force and its been roughly 2 years.

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Default Re: How fast do you build up your army?

Umm.. In 5 months I have collected my 2 latest armies, both are about 2k points. My eldar took me aobut a year to build, but i'm not gonna finish em til the new models come out
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Default Re: How fast do you build up your army?

Usually better to build slowly. If you get a whole 2500pt force quickly what happens when you decide, "Hey, whoops, decided I wanted a different playstyle...what am I going to do with all these units I bought?"

There's also the fact that you're not going to want to work on your army as much since it's just a gargantuan pile of plastic, a JOB as it were. When you build slowly you get the oppurtunity to see each piece work on its own nicely and effectively and can take joy in building small parts, each one being an accomplishment in and of themselves.
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Default Re: How fast do you build up your army?

Very very very slowly. It has been almost a year since I started but I havnt finished anything! Shool work is what I shall blame, plus, I have a few 1/35 scale models to finish first...
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Default Re: How fast do you build up your army?

3 armies later = 5 years later
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: How fast do you build up your army?

I tend to collect the models slowly, and put off the painting as long as I can. This of course leaves me with a HUGE pile of unpainted plastic mocking me from my desk. I once had to paint an entire Dark Eldar force in three days, after collecting the models for about six months. That, needless to say, didn't look the best . But, I heavily applied more paint until it looked much better . My Tau on the other hand were collected very slowly and painted as I went. They turned out looking better.
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Default Re: How fast do you build up your army?

I find that I can usually buy/model/paint about one unit a month (due to both financial and time restraints.) This results in a Tau cadre that has expanded from 1 box of fire warriors last november to about 850 pints currently, and looks set to continue expanding throught the summer, although I can't be certain about what will happen to it come next fall. I may end up with a 2000pt army in about a year, which would be pretty sweet.

Next stop: 1000!

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Default Re: How fast do you build up your army?

None of my armies are completely painted. And none save my new Marines are over 2000 points.

I'll finish one of them someday... I think I'm actually going to start to build a complete DE force over the summer... or maybe WitchHunters...

Too many choices! :-\
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