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Default 'nades

frag nades let one assault into terrain simultaneously, does the whole squad have to be equipped with them, or can i say... put one on my Aspiring Champion (in squad) and that'll do?
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Default Re: 'nades

You'll find it says under each unit.

'You can equip the WHOLE squad with frag grenades at +1 point per model'

Or somthing to that effect.... so no, you have to give them to the whole squad.
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Default Re: 'nades

Only models with Grenades benefit. If bought as a squad-upgrade, the entire squad must take them.
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Default Re: 'nades

Originally Posted by Wargamer
Only models with Grenades benefit. If bought as a squad-upgrade, the entire squad must take them.
Yes, what Wargamer said. If your squad charges some enemies in cover, and only your aspiring champion has frag grenades, then only he will strike simultaneously with the enemy. Similarly, if he's the only one equipped with krak grenades or melta bombs, he'll be the only one who can use them.

This gets a little bit fuzzier with photon or plasma grenades, because it's not so easy to separate their effects for equipped or non-equipped members of a squad. Fortunately, there is no way to give either of these types of grenades to a single member of a squad - it's an all-or-nothing deal.
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Default Re: 'nades

Not quite right, but in effect it is.

Frag 'nades increase the attackers I to 10 (defenders in terrain gain I 10), so effectivly simaltanius.

The only need for this is realy deamon hunters and slaanesh lowering I
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