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A few newbish questions
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Kroot Shaper
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Default A few newbish questions

I'm still kinda new to the whole game play (I run with tau) and i ran across a few things i found hard to understand in the rule book (I hear that its not only me who hav a semi-hard time with the rule book)... please bare with me...

1. Whats the difference between "armor save" and "invulnerablility saves"?

2. when does "invulnerablility saves" come into play?

5. If you have an Ap1 weapon and your firing at a tank how does that process work?

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Default Re: A few newbish questions

I'll allow the occasional rules call, but results of specific wargear is stretching the good will and the limits in GW's policy. All these questions are answered actually very clearly in the rulebook. If you need reference to where to find them we can point you in the right direction with page numbers.
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