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be still my beating heart
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Old 14 May 2006, 22:28   #1 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default be still my beating heart

in close combat you must get into base to base contact on the charge correct? so if you have a little bit of a terrain feature (more than 2") and then under that you have a base does it mean that you cant get into close combat or does the terrain feature count as the base? thanks for all of you who crush my dreams :'(
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Default Re: be still my beating heart

Im a bit confused on the wording, but you do have to be in base to base on the charge with at least one model. Now as for the terrain, that's where im confused.
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Old 14 May 2006, 22:47   #3 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: be still my beating heart

simply, if the base is blocked by some peice of something on the base (in this case a very very large rock) that makes it physically impossible to touch the base with another model without flippng him around would the giant ass rock count as his base even though he is mounted on one?
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Default Re: be still my beating heart

I think what he's saying is if you have a mini, say a Battle Suit with an oversized base, with some trees, or giant rocks and perhaps a dead marine on it, when you charge it, do you count the edge of the extra sized base? Or do you have to move closer to where the normal base would be?

As to an answer, I have no idea. But without looking around, I'd assume you'd only have to be touching the base, regardless of size, but I have no basis for that other than my gut, and Stephen Colbert says that's where the truth comes from.
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Old 14 May 2006, 22:51   #5 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: be still my beating heart

no it is a normal sixed crisis suit base however here are things sticking out of all of the sides. does this mean that the things sticking out count as the base,even though he is mounted on a normal sized base but it cannot come into base to base contat with another model.
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Default Re: be still my beating heart

This is the kind of thing that makes Warhammer different then, say, Magic: The Gathering. Just improvise. If you can't come to an agreement, roll a D6. On a 1-3, use your solution, on a 4-6 use his.
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Default Re: be still my beating heart

The stuff on the base is just embellishment.

It doesn't actually count as being there so if your model can reach the base assume he's in base contact even if he's just touching a rock/tree or something.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: be still my beating heart

ok thats all i needed to know, thank you Falstead.
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Default Re: be still my beating heart

Well, since that is answered.....
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