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Counter Attack Question
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Default Counter Attack Question

I was just reading through the main rulebook and had a question regarding the Counter attack Universal Special Rule.

I was curious as to how the timing occurs. Does it

a) when charge is declared, you move 6" instead of your opponent and then engage them


b) your enemy declares the charge moves his models, and then you get to move more models who are unengaged to join in the fight
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Default Re: Counter Attack Question

It's B). Your enemy assaults, then you get to move your unengaged models into combat. This way you have more folks involved in the combat, and your enemy can't "snipe" a few models off the end of the unit.

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Default Re: Counter Attack Question

Yes, option B is correct. The old way use to be that you counted as assualting when determining assualt but not any more. Now it just means you're guys pile in to the fight as well.

Anyhow, answered so....
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