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GW recycling ideas.
View Poll Results: Do you think players should be able to turn in old codexes and rulebooks for a sum or compensation..
yes 18 43.90%
no 20 48.78%
neither 3 7.32%
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Old 08 May 2006, 23:42   #21 (permalink)
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Default Re: GW recycling ideas.

Thats why it isn;t worth it. Even if it was say 3 dollars to recycle a sprue, they would be paying that rather than making a new one for a few cents.
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Default Re: GW recycling ideas.

Why would it cost them anything though... They would have to ship it, melt it, put it back into press... I don't see how that could offset their profits. Also
Originally Posted by Rechar
All they would need to do is ship the un-used plastics to a recycling plant who they could have a deal with.
Not to mention they would most likely get tax rebates for using recycled goods.

Actually I'd be surprised if they didn't already.
Have you thought perhaps they can do this to recycle not just money. And Mavfreak didn't mention anything about compensation. Wouldn't help the environment even if it doesn't lower prices. This is a good idea IMO.
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Default Re: GW recycling ideas.

Even if it doesnt help much with manufacturing costs (although it would help somewhat), I'm still gonna give Mav here props for trying to think of something
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Default Re: GW recycling ideas.

I think one way you can get the prices to drop some, is to stop people from STEALING THINGS! I hear this is a major factor in price raises. It also Makes it so we cant use the store bathroom! Curses!
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Old 09 May 2006, 01:29   #25 (permalink)
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Default Re: GW recycling ideas.

Originally Posted by Bash
The cost of pressing plastic is practically non-existant. Saving a few cents here and there in their production, if indeed they did save any, would not make them drop dollars off the prices they charge.
This is correct. Even if it cost absolutely nothing to gather the spare scraps of plastic, sort through them for foreign materials, transport them back to the factory and melt them down with the rest of the feedstock, it still wouldn't shave more than 50c off the price of your average $30 box.
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Old 09 May 2006, 01:33   #26 (permalink)
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Default Re: GW recycling ideas.

Gee... The reason that the things are thick and the like is to save wear and tear on your resin and pewter...
less resin= worse looking minis
Originally Posted by Komrad
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Default Re: GW recycling ideas.

Merged the plastic recycling and codex recycling threads. Thought we might as well have one big green thread than two small ones.
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Old 12 May 2006, 00:41   #28 (permalink)
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Default Re: GW recycling ideas.


That's my idea.

That or eBay.

No need to put an IR into bankrutpcy.
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Old 12 May 2006, 00:59   #29 (permalink)
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Default Re: GW recycling ideas.

Originally Posted by FarseerSpacePuppy

That's my idea.

That or eBay.

No need to put an IR into bankrutpcy.
Thats what I did with 3000 pts of Nids, and go me 2000 pts of Lizardmen (that my dad threw out, Jack Donkey!)

GW would not make any money or save any money on doing this, so I really dont think the Great Devourer (aka Games Workshop) would do that. Money loving capitalists!
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Default Re: GW recycling ideas.

Originally Posted by Mavfreak
Ok, while I ws building and devilfish and some kroot, I had a good idea. In a box of troops, most of the plastic is in the sprues. I noticed the plastic seems to be of the same quality of the parts on the sprues. Also, I am pretty sure they use molds to form the melted plastic. So, why not at GW hobby shops, they have crates or big boxes. Every time you build something, you bring in the sprue plastic (and possibly pats you don't need). Once a month or whatever, they send the plastic to the factories, where they reuse the plastic by melting it or breaking it down into original components. It hugely reduces GW's money spent on the products, an thus we would (hopefully) see it in some price reductions. Well, what do you think?
Sprues make great rubble. Chop 'em up into little brick-sized pieces and spread 'em around a ruined building. I got the idea for using them like this off this article here, http://www.thelastalliance.com/index...8&artilceid=90
and decided that using them for old rubble works better. Some rounded bits you have to throw away, but you get a lot of material for free.
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