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Skimmers moving fast??
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Old 06 May 2006, 12:32   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Skimmers moving fast??

I'm sorry if this has been posted more than once, but i used the search feature and couldn't come up with exactally what I needed to know.

When I read the skimmers moving fast rule, in the big rule book, i was under the impression that all shots were automatically downgraded to glancing, becuase it uses words like, "enemy shots" and "avoiding enemy fire". Yet, last week at my local shop, the situation arose and a few players suggested that this rule only applies to skimmers being attacked in close combat. I didn't argue about it, because i'm still one of the new guys.

idk if i'm being too literal or what, but I was wondering if anyone could prove or disprove what they said, hopefully with a page in the rule book or a FAQ of some sort. Thanks Alot.
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Default Re: Skimmers moving fast??

p69 of the rulebook states that any skimmers that move 6" or more automatically count any "hits" as glancing only.

note the word hit and not hit in hand to hand. they were wrong, it works against all hits wether in close combat or from shooting.

just make sure to have the rulebook with you next time so that if something like this comes along you can check the rules to see if its true or not.
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Default Re: Skimmers moving fast??

He's right, you got duped...

Haha...seriously, but you should go up to them and rematch cause they totally cheated you.

Did it cost you the game? If so then definitely rematch, if not then rematch anyway... ;D

But now with some of the newer rules I think there's something Tau can buy for their tanks and other skimmers...but I can't remember the name...
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Skimmers moving fast??

Disruption Pod makes any pen hit a glancing on a 4+ not the best bonus concidering that we already have that, we just need to move over 6"
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Default Re: Skimmers moving fast??

Yes, it's hits period. Not Just hand to hand. Anyhow, that is answered....
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