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One hell of a battle
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Old 26 Apr 2006, 01:05   #1 (permalink)
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Default One hell of a battle

Last Night/this morning I had one of the most intesne games.

At first it was so stacked, the teams were picked while me and russ were playing arcade games. THey also set up the terrain, got to pick sides, and who goes first.

That table was two doors put side by side, and they had a fortress and the top end.

My friend had sisters and I had my pure GK force, and we were agaisnt nurgle and black templars.

The first 5 turns of the game was nothing but a shooting gallery for them, they murdered all our vehicles, and our troops had to foot slog it all the way up the board.

But eventualy my troops made it up. Russ's moves forced him into close combat just outside the fortress. After he died I got an assload of plasma shots from my STs on the BT termies, while my mass of GK Terminators charged the squad of BT jump packers, masacaring the squad.

I then consolidated into CC with the Maxed out, manreaper equiped Chaos lord.
To my suprize, next turn, I wasted him.

The game played out, in the end the only things left alive was a BT Dred, a Nurgle Greater demon, one Chaos marine with a plasma rifle, and 12 or so BT marines still garisoned onto of the fortess.

The battle started off totaly onesided, but we stuck it out, but my GK Termies made it into CC and made more then half of their invul saves. In the end, all of my units excluding my dred, payed for more then them selves.

Its no detailed battle report, but countless turns, 4 hours, it was one hell of a game.
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Default Re: One hell of a battle

I like spell check... :P
But anyways sounds vauge..

Listen to LiNkIn PaRk they rule!
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Old 26 Apr 2006, 08:59   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: One hell of a battle

Detail are worthless.

The fact it took 4 hours tell you enogh, one hell of game.
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