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Which army would you NOT play?
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Default Which army would you NOT play?

Okay here goes.

If you were given the offer of playing all the armies in 40k EXCEPT ONE , which one would you choose NEVER to be on your tabletop? (And marines are all marines (Ultramarines , Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves etc) IG guard would be every regiment etc.)

So...who would you NOT play?

Myself, Dark Eldar; poor quality models and the fluff doesn't attract me at all.
Also Necrons come to mind; most models look the same, only one troops choice, just looks very boring.
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Default Re: Which army would you NOT play?

either necrons, orks or dark eldar

dark eldar: slightly too flimsy and lacking in shooting punch as well. though their basic troops are amazing for the points, their pathetic basic weapons let them down.

necrons: the models are boring, and few in number. i dont have any interest in them

orks: too difficult to paint for my terrible painting skills. also, there are so many of them! too many models which require decent painting to look good puts me off.
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Default Re: Which army would you NOT play?

Which armies would I not play. Tough decision really, so I'll have to narrow it down and then finally chop off the fat.

Narrowing it Down:

~ Chaos ~

I already play chaos. All forms! Including the lost and the damned. They're ultimately configurable, fun and have a great deal of ability to build anything from an assault force to a shooting force, or a mix. And the modeling possibilities are simply endless. For an absolute hobby & gamer's delight, Chaos is king!

~ Daemonhunters ~

I already play DH. I love them for the same reasons as Chaos. Lots of opportunity for conversion, and lots of flexibility. I typically swing the Radical way, because while I like Grey Knight models, I'm not really big on actually using them. I much prefer Inquisitorial stuff and Hosts, with an inducted army for support. But regardless, great army and they're NOT just grey knights!

~ Dark Eldar ~

I've played them a few times, but never could buy in for my own. They're a cool army, but the models put me off completely. Not a single model in that army, do I like. And that is the killer for me. The rules and army itself are great, but, unless they look cool, I simply cannot spend money on them. But if I stumbled upon the models for cheap, I would probably be playing them.

~ Imperial Guard ~

I already play the guard. I like them for their simply raw model count with lots of little guns. They're an incredible support army, but have a boring structure. That's why they work so well coupled with the Inquisition as a headstone, to give it some life away from the same old same old. Guard are a trusty old component of most of my armies, from WH to DH to Chaos to standalone Guard.

~ Necrons ~

Necrons are one of those armies that you love or hate. Some days I hate them, some days, I love them. Mostly, I actually like the models. I really like how they look (destroyers, flayed ones, tomb spiders). But I don't really care for the way the army plays as much and there's not much flexibility in changing your army type (they shoot, that's it). They're definitely cool as a hobby army for me, but I wouldn't really get into them, as in overly going crazy. They'd simply be a beer & chips army had I decided to go further with my collection.

~ Orks ~

Man, I've wanted to play Orks forever. But I can't get myself to buy in. I see the models and it cracks me up. I just love how goofy they are. But it kind of puts me off with the silliness in the gothic world of 40k. Maybe if the models change up a bit, I'll be more tempted to buy in, but I just love Orks. Who wouldn't want 30 rokkits walking around and firing every turn. They're just cool! And I really want to make a Squiggoth...

~ Space Marines ~

I already play them. I enjoy them for their new codex and flexibility. Plus, just like Chaos, you can do a lot with them across multiple armies (Space Marines, Chaos, DH & WH!). I really like them for their ability to field very cheap but potent units like speeders and whirlwinds along with the ever useful tactical marine. Mainly though, it's because I love heavy bolter marines... they're just the ultimate cool marine.

~ Tau Empire ~

I already play them. They're my favorite army for City Fight and heavy terrain games, aside from the Lost and the Damned. They're my mobile tank police. I enjoy them for the clean look and the stream line use of them in the game. No bells & whistles, and just simple--lot of dice and lots of strength. I just like that. Combine it with cool new models and you've got a winner!

~ Tyranid ~

I have used them, and liked it; but I always second guess myself on buying in big time. I like their army list options and so many interesting units, but some of the models put me off sometimes, and I also don't like the cost of buying in for some things. If I ran into a clump of more models for cheap, I'd be playing them more, but I don't think I'd want a monstrous creature army really. I'd be playing probably with raw Warriors, Raveners and a mix of Gaunts and Stealers with perhaps Zoans & a single Dino. They're a cool force, but definitely not my cup of tea for the purpose of modeling craziness.

~ Witch Hunters ~

I already play them. They're just like the other Inquisition armies, using all my other models if I wish, but they go the extra mile and allow sisters of battle and crazy penitent engines. I just can't get enough of that crazy fanatical "burn them all!" attitude in models. They can be horde, elite and small, shooting or combat based and go all over the chart with models and conversions. They're simply "cool."

That leaves... dum dum dum.... Eldar!

I would not play Eldar even if the army was free. I do not like the models at all. I do like their psychic powers and I love fighting against them, but for me, actually playing them, I couldn't do it. My favorite army of them, if I played, would be the Altaioc, simply because I really like the powers of the disruption chart. That is just cool. But again, models and army building with them just put me off. If I had to play Eldar, I'd play Dark Eldar, but between the two, I simply wouldn't play Eldar ever. But, I will continue to face them as I love fighting me some Eldar!

Cheers! ;D
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Default Re: Which army would you NOT play?

Mal and his giant posts....

For me it would be eldar too. They just don't appeal to me. They look flimsy, and are weak. I'm not a fan of those at all.
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Default Re: Which army would you NOT play?

Tau,I absolutly hate them.


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Default Re: Which army would you NOT play?

Necrons, mainly because I don't like the look of the models. The basic necron warriors is unappealing. I don't like the looks of the monolith.
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Default Re: Which army would you NOT play?

Im not an eldar fan. I've used them on the table about once and while I believe that they can be an interesting challenge, many units are prone to being exploited. Fluff wise, they are pretty good, but something about them just bothers me. Maybe its my old HE hatred from my days playing Dark Elves in fantasy transfering over to 40k, but Eldar would probably be the LAST army I would collect
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Default Re: Which army would you NOT play?


Something about the Green dudes that I just don't like.

Same thing in Fantasy.

They're just too....

Green and silly, I dunno.
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Default Re: Which army would you NOT play?

Originally Posted by Falstead

Something about the Green dudes that I just don't like.

Same thing in Fantasy.

They're just too....

Green and silly, I dunno.
Hey! I resemble that remark!!

With me, I'd have to write that Dark Eldar are the least attractive army. Slavers that are into Bondage and Sado-Masochism just don't appeal to me.

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Default Re: Which army would you NOT play?

i dont like tau, mainly because they are nothing like the imperium.
While the imperium will instantly kill any aliens they find on the basis that theyre not human, tau will try and make peace. It doesnt really fit into warhammer, and in the dark future of the forty first millenium there is only war

Why make peace when you can rip their heads off

Im fine with the rest of the armies, because i can see their advantages. Eldar are lightning fast, dark eldar have mega weapons, and orks always win.

Necrons in kinda iffy with but they're okay
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Dark Eldar are just not played, but they are doing fine, pirates love to be unseen, plus pirates have parrots.
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