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Losing Gracefully
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Default Losing Gracefully

I have seen many threads about powergaming, the spirit of the game, and winning with grace, particularly when new people are concerned. While it is good to have the winner of a game, particularly if it is a massacre, act with respect, dignity, and good humor, I think that it is also equally important for the loser to maintain a good attitude, as it will help both sides have more fun. I don't have an incredible amount of experience in wargaming, but I do have other instances I can draw on for examples.

Probably the best is my Karate class. Saturdays, the class I go to is designated as sparring day. It's fairly simple. After warming up, pairs of fighters spar, with few stops. This class is primarily higher belts (brown and black) while I am one of the few lower ranked belts there. So, going into a fight, I KNOW I'm going to get my D'yi handed to me. Though I try to do my best, I also don't make too much of it. For instance, if someone lands a side kick to my stomach, I won't scream, cry or be sullen, but grin, and say "nice shot".

It's more fun when I fight someone of my own size and skill level, but I still don't complain when I get hit, and still compliment my opponent on good moves. I do the same thing in tournaments. I remember this one fight in particular, where one guy I had to fight was huge. He was also very fast. A roundhouse kick to the stomach proved this. Though I lost that fight, I wasn't bitter or anything, as after all, it's just a contest- in the grand scheme of things, it really has no meaning.

The same can be applied to 40K and indeed all wargames in general. Losing with grace is a very nice quality, one that can make your opponent enjoy the game more, and be more willing to play you again, so that you can wipe him out the next time > It can also make the battle more fun for you, if you don't take it too seriously that you're losing, and try to joke with your opponent. I remember one round of Blood Bowl- my friend's lizardmen were winning against my borrowed Skaven. I had the ball, and I threw a pass. One of his big sauruses I think, ones that were really slow, managed to intercept the ball. Completely ruined my plans, and I believe led to him scoring a touchdown. Did I throw a fit? No, I made a joke about how the ball had hit the Saurus in the mouth :P What we all play here is a game, and we play it for fun. if your opponent is crushing you, do your best, but make light of it and compliment him on how well he's eviscerating your army.

If you lose horribly, perhaps only taking out one or two of your models, [size=16pt]don't worry about it! It's just a game![/size] Don't get mad, sulk, blame the dice, or call your opponent cheesy. Instead, learn what you can and maintain a good attitude. In a historical DBA game against the same friend I played that blood bowl game against, I beat him without loosing a single unit of my own. He's beaten me before, and I him. He didn't get mad at all, just realized that it was a bad idea to charge massed warbands across a river to get at my Roman legions. If he'd sulked and complained about the dice(and he was rolling badly that day), I personally would have enjoyed the game much less. However, he was a great sport and I am able to look back on that day as a proud victory, without feeling like I was cheated of a good honest victory due to my opponent's complaints. I myself have also lost without killing an enemy unit, and have been placed in unfair situations, but I don't complain and just do my best, while trying to get a few laughs in.

So, to sum up, I think that the best thing that someone can do when he is losing a battle is to try and get the most fun out of it that he can, simply by enjoying the game for what it's worth, trying to improve, and most importantly, not trying to make excuses or sulk, but accepting the loss and moving on, as losses happen to everyone, and in reality, losing a wargame isn't very important, nor is winning. Having fun is important, though. Losing with style can make the game more fun for you and your opponent.
Rogue 7

edit- title changed, as per suggestions.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Losing with Style

Great write up! I aggree with you 100%.

Now only if my friend can, he wont let down that I beat him on turn 2 with my Harlequins and now he will never ever play me again.... (All my other friends are scared of me two.) Oh well. I will take this into account and think about it everytime I play.

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..*whimper* That should do the trick....
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Default Re: Losing with Style

Losing with style!

First of all I don't know if this count as loosing with style. But none the less I will go over a recent battle in brief. I playing a (FTs) Khorn army, and though out the game, I didn't take anything out threw ranged fire what so ever. This was seemingly going to be a total loss, meaning not taking off s single enemy model in course of the entire game. However near the end of the game, His khorn leader was in combat with my (Immobilized) Dreadnought. And on the second to last turn I found myself getting excite at the fact on the turn after the charge His lieutenant couldn't harm my dread. And boy was I happy when only model I took out was That very Lieutenant.

I suppose you end up having much more fun with a game if, upon realising you cant win you set certain objectives to do.
Here are some examples.
(1) Taking out that last wraithlord
(2) Killing as many gaunts as you can. "If i kill 50 I'll be happy"
(3) Or in the case above :, Just making sure you don't (get 7Balled) finish a battle having killed nothing.
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Default Re: Losing with Style

I'm not sure you picked the right name for this thread, what have been discussed doesn't sound like 'losing with style' to me, but 'playing with style'.

Any 'game' I get involved in, no matter if it's WH, Carcassonne, or Goshindo (martial arts) is entirely about having fun while it happens -and let the winner win.
Possibly this is the great divider -can you let the game remain a game..?
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Default Re: Losing with Style

Hey if there is one way to lose it is losing with style!
Originally Posted by Taukki (the "Hirvi" rider)
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Default Re: Losing with Style

Well when my troops start getting mowed down I tend to do one of a few things depending on which army Im using.

Orks: *Shrug* "Meh, they're grots, they're supposed to die"

Nids: Yelling "Gauntos! Get your Gauntos!" like im trying to sell deep-fried gaunt from a hotdog cart

Iron Warrior: I usually just start berating my own troops. "Stop exploding you cowards!" is sometimes used.

Tau: In a funny accent constanly say "Oh dear". Of course when one of my hammerheads dies I tend to yell "ITS A TRAP!" like the good fellow in my avatar
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Default Re: Losing with Style

Once I played 3 conscript gaurd allies with 2 death wing alies for me.(They both got2nd turn deep strike.)

Long story short, we did'nt kill 1 model or imobilise 1 tank.

I lost 115 models to guess range wepons and lasguns.
75 termeis dead assaulting conscripts.

We did'nt say any thing and were gracious.

I think they had loaded dice;D
Originally Posted by Savon Saal
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Default Re: Losing with Style

I dont lose often, but sometimes the best thing is to lose with style, like a fight i once had where with my last unit on the board(a unit of 8 fire warriors) I valiantly charged some genestealers, even though i could of rapid fired them, well, obviously they cut me into chunks, or at least, 7 of the squad got diced, but the sole remaining fire warrior took down two of them and then rolled double 1 for his leadership check, of course he was consequently smooshed by the stealers next turn, but its a good feeling when you kill two of the best CC creatures in the game with a single fire warrior, viva la crazy stunts.
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Default Re: Losing with Style

I agree 100%.
I can also pull an example of this out.
My HS Swim team was few in numbers. We only had 7 guys in all, and of those seven, maybe 3 or 4 were accually able to win something. So every swim meet went like this:

Warm up
Swim your event
Go home

We knew that we were going to lose, but in swimming, there is a difference between losing, and not doing good. My coach was happy as long as

A. We weren't "dead last" (we never were)
B. At least one of our events was a personal best (best time yet)

So you see, even though we lost, we won. I think the same can be said in 40k. When you lose a game, analyze why you lost, then fix it; in that sense, you've won, because you've learned what not to do in a certain situation.

So every time you lose, try to make it so you win.
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Default Re: Losing with Style

I know the feeling. Our marching band comes in last a lot. Well, came. We did better this year. But for the past 2 years we were used to coming in last. But it wasn't about the scores. It was about the band, but that's a subject for another thread. Point I'm trying to make is that I can't ever really remember a time when we dropped in points in terms of our shows.
(Except the one day where we came in dead last at championships at Giants Stadium, ate dinner at a tailgate party, then got on the bus, and drove a good hour/hour and a half to another competition, where we dropped about 2 points. Won that one, since all the good bands went to Championships and weren't insane enough to do what we did) so that was the victory for us. But, coming in 3rd at states this year was one of the best feelings in the world.
Ahh, band.
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