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WYSIWYG has it caused you problems
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Default WYSIWYG has it caused you problems

I hate it when I want plasma pistols but my models have bolt pistols, has the WYSIWYG rule caused you problems?
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Default Re: WYSIWYG has it caused you problems

Well on metal models usually this isnt a problem as in my experience it is generally allowed but with plastics its gotta be there. Hasnt caused me any problems but thats mostly cause I gear my army from the very begining to be as versatile as possible and therefore make very few changes.

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Default Re: WYSIWYG has it caused you problems

No, why would it? Just convert the ones you want.

Also, check into magnets. Any model of mine with significant weaopn options gets magnets added to it, so that I can be wysiwyg regardless.

The biggest problem I have with WYSIWYG is when my opponent's models aren't wysiwyg and I can't tell what they have by looking at them.
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Default Re: WYSIWYG has it caused you problems

Lets put it this way:

you put a bunch of IG models on the table, and say they're wraiths, pariahs, scarabs and these ones are warriors, then i'll have a problem. Unless the army is a proxy. then its OK.

But that Wolf lord with 2 axes. He has lightning claws? Fine. By the way, cool conversion.
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Default Re: WYSIWYG has it caused you problems

Like dreadnight ,I have no problem if a model has something similar (Like 2 axes=2 lightning claws). I also don't have much problems with beginner proxies (c'mon, we all started wih paper cutouts.)
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: WYSIWYG has it caused you problems

I invariably proxy entire armies, so WYSIWYG almost never applies with me.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: WYSIWYG has it caused you problems

No, hasn't caused me any issues. I'm in with Deadnight. Who cares if the two axes are two lightning claws, or the bolt pistols are really plasma pistols? Seriously.

Now if you say a terminator with a cyclone missle rack has a thunder hammer and storm shield or that Crisis Suit is really an Ethereal we'll have some words. Paper cut-outs aren't really bad, using things like drink bottles is.
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Originally Posted by Dra'Tuisich-Novae
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Default Re: WYSIWYG has it caused you problems

For me it hasn't been a problem. My models tend to ahve what they are armed with, other than the occasional bolter=bolt pistol. In any case where there might not be WYSIWYG I tell my opponent.

The few times I have problems it's usually with opponents. I had one time where I only found out in assault that oen of the marine assualt squad was actually a captain with a power weapon. The model was the same as all the rest. Painted identical, no changes to colour or pose or gear. A bolt pistol and chainsword....like the others. There are few times I glower at anyone. The other was another young blood who had Chaos and wargear had a way of jumping around the table and was not modeled on any of them.
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Default Re: WYSIWYG has it caused you problems

If you make the models look different, and tell your opponent then it wouldn't be too much of a problem. If, for example, you painted your raptor's bolt pistols yellow for the ones which you wanted to use as plasma pistols, and told me at the beginning of the game, then I wouldn't have a problem. But if all of your raptor's bolt pistol's looked the same, and you didn't even bother telling me they were using plasma pistols until you shot with them then I'd be pissed. As long as it's clear which model's are supposed to have what, then me and most people I know wouldn't have a problem.
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Default Re: WYSIWYG has it caused you problems

Im with Wargamer on this one.

I proxy entire armies a lot. WYSIWYG doesnt really apply to me.

Just the other day I was using a ps2 game case as a tank, a hacky sack as a termie, and a penny as a marine...

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