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Kroot Warrior
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Default traps

Ok because I'm a sneaky little git , I was thinking about the idea of having traps placed around the board. My terrain set is a ruined hive city which is just begging to be trapped. Things like roadside bombs, tripwire mines, hidden gun turrets. That kind of stuff.

The problem I've run into though is the element of suprise. If the traps are placed on the board won't my opponent be able to see them and just steer clear of them?

I've used things like hidden assassians in Warhammer before. Would it be the same kind of situation where the hidden item is not placed on the board 'til it's set off? But that can bring about questions from my opponent about cheating and whether the trap was actually there before he got there since there was no marker for it.

Anyone have any suggestions as to how traps should be hidden?
-The Green Zombie
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Default Re: traps

You could have a separate piece of paper to write the location of trap on (with a rough draw map). However, finding out if the opponent really is within range of that trap might be hard at the edges.
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Default Re: traps

You could split the board into a grid and in each grid area there is one trap. Now you make a map of the board with the grid and on the map you place the traps. Make it so one squar of the map can be revealed at a time. Then there is no question of whether it was there before or not its all on paper. BUT its also hidden.

Or if you have a third person handy they could set the traps randomly and both sides can set them off. Rockslides, volatile munitions, poluted something, malfunctioning electrical machinery etc. There is a lot of stuff that could go wrong in a ruined hive.

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Default Re: traps

As the opponent in question, I would suggest hiding them- build traps into larger terrain peices, in areas that I won't be looking at. For instance, if you built a set of roads you could have a pothole or two, and stick a melta bomb in there, painted to match the surronding terrain. This would avoid both issues, because it would clearly be there, and I wouldn't know about it until it went off.

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Default Re: traps

okay.... Pg's 8 and 21 of Codex: Catachans.

Basically you divide the table into 12" grid, then place traps in each square. They are set off when a model moving through rolls the same number on both dice when determining how far they move. The trap is anywhere within that 12"x12" square so can be set off at one side or the other.

The player may choose to roll less dice to avoid setting off traps.

The player who set off the trap decide who set it off. If a player has models in more than one booby trapped square they only set off one trap. A trap can be located by Scanners, Auspex, Lictors, Hive tyrants, Rangers, Farseers, Mekboyz, Squigs, mandrakes, warp beasts, sorcerers, CSM chosen, Necron lords, Kroot Saphers (sp?):S using there Inititive value + D6 inches

For vechiles it sets off a trap if they roll a 1 for difficult terrain.

EDIT: Sorry i meant 12" not 24"... why am i such an idiot!
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Default Re: traps

I thought only Catachans can take traps, if you are catachan, shouldn't this be in the IG section
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Default Re: traps

I beleive he was asking for ideas for using traps in just a terrain board. not army specific.

If you require some ideas for traps just ask.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: traps

Note that anyone who has access to Kroot Mercenary Allies may "hire" a set of Punji Traps as a Heavy Support Allied unit. See the _free_ Kroot Mercenaries list for details. Placed as are booby traps in the Catachans list [see above, or also free at GW's website], effects slightly different to Catachan traps. Might be a lot of fun in a Cityfight game [except against Tau, who use mostly jetpacks and hover-vehicles for all movement].
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Default Re: traps

for catachans, we break it down into 12 by 12, not 24....
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Default Re: traps

I'd ask someone to just set the traps without anyone knowing.

Or have each player set X traps and write down where they are.
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