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A choice...
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Default A choice...

I put this in General 40K, because it incorporates 2 armies. I currently have an IG army, a DIY Marine, and a Black Templar army. Here's my choice: start a Tau army, or do the IG one that I posted in the IG area.http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=22748.0
I was hoping that some people can help me decide, as I really want to do both.
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Default Re: A choice...

well i'd say take money into consideration because unless your going to do an armoured company, guard tend to be quite expensive. So I would say go for Tau
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Default Re: A choice...

I say guard,
PDF units are cool and really have a connection with the collecter.

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Default Re: A choice...

I'd say don't cross post. For starters you'll get better reception on the boards for the specific army and that way you don't have people going over old ground because it was in a diffrent thread. Second, it just clutters up the boards having cross links to diffrent boards for the same topic.

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