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Decisions.........decisions.....(long post)
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Default Decisions.........decisions.....(long post)

Ok, so, I am into my 6th year of 40k and around this time of year, I usually begin the workings of my next army (2k points usually). Seeing as how I have 2 friends of the Imperium armies (Space Wolves and a DIY SM Chapter heavily themed into the Wizard of Oz movie) and 3 enemies of the Imperium armies (1k Sons, Tyranids and Farsight Tau), I have now decided to balance it all out with another Imperium army.

My only issue is that I have two possible candidates: Dark Angels Death Wing and an Imperial Guard Siege Regiment.

I am looking for these qualities in an army:
1) Difficulty factor- mainly refers to how tough it is to win games against any/all enemies.
2) Power factor- how much pain I can bring to my enemy.
3) Fun factor- how fun it is for not only myself to play as, but for my opponent to play against.

I will now post my 2 army ideas for approx 2k points.
"The Grave Diggers" Imperial Guard Siege Regiment:

HQ- Chimera w/turret HB, hull HB and Pintle Hvy Stubber.

Elite- 2x Chimera Aces w/ turret HB, hull HB,Pintle Hvy Stubber, rough terrain modifications and searchlight.

Troops- 3x Griffon Mortar artillery.
3x basilisk artillery w/Indirect Fire.

Fast Atk- 3x Hell Hound w/ pintle Hvy Stubber & rough terrain modifications.

Hvy Sppt- 3x Leman Russ Battle tank w/ hull Lascannon, sponson HB and pintle hvy stubber.

Cost: 600$+tax

Dark Angels Death Wing:

HQ- Epistolary Librarian w/ FoTA, SotEW,storm bolter, termi armor, teleport homer.

HQ Terminator Cmd Sqd- Sgt w/ storm bolter + power weapon. 4x Terminators w/ storm bolters + power fist.

Troops x5- Sgt w/ power weapon, storm bolter, teleport homer & auspex.
1 terminator w/ cyclone missile launcher, storm bolter, power fist.
1 terminator w/ assault cannon, power fist.
3 terminators w/ storm bolter + power fist.

Note: all are stubborn.

Cost: 360$+ tax

So, as you can see, both armies rank high in challenge/power/fun factor. I would just like to see what the community's all around input is regarding these two outstanding armies.

Any and all comments are welcome.

Thank you.
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Default Re: Decisions.........decisions.....(long post)

No deathwing army is complete without Dreadnoughts and Land Raiders I'm sorry to say. I have nothing more to say...
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Default Re: Decisions.........decisions.....(long post)

Originally Posted by Castus
No deathwing army is complete without Dreadnoughts and Land Raiders I'm sorry to say. I have nothing more to say...
This isn't real insightful, as its a personal opinion and you don't back it up. Not complete with landraiders? Why would terminators need a transport when you can skip the points and just deep strike?

Can't really rate the Deathwing army as i don't know Dark Angels rules (man do I need to get that codex!), but I don't think it be a great fun playing against, as its just 27 or so terminators.

Is the siege regiment an armored company, or something else? Please tell me, becuase either A) I can rate it, or B)I found out about a new thing.
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Default Re: Decisions.........decisions.....(long post)

I don't know about Imperial guard, but I can tell you that the deathwing are a very challenging army to win with (to make it even more challenging try not to use any assault cannons, plus your opponent shouldn't have a reason to whine about your army then) but when you do you feel like you actually achieved something.

you don't have to have land raiders in your army, but they will help you out as far as moving your troops up the field faster, and it adds firepower to your army, just not at the same time.

and dreadnoughts, while not a necessity, are a good idea for your army, if for nothing else to add a mobile firebase to your army. plus I have yet to have a game where my opponent hasn't gone out of his way to destroy the two that I take. by doing that, he allowed my terminators to get close enough to mess up his army.

the downside and upside of the army is similar, ie... you have so few models, that you will be outnumbered by every army (upside being less models to paint). and every army has an answer to them, wether it be eldar starcannons or ork choppas. but you also have access to just enough weapons and accessories to take out anything you come across.
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Default Re: Decisions.........decisions.....(long post)

Castus: I have no need to put in LR's and Dreads. I already have those models in other armies. The key here is to use new models/units.

SMR: The Siege Regiment is an Armored Company. In WD 294, you have the ability to pick 1) an AC using various armored vehicles with tanks as your main HQ and troops 2) an all tank company with tanks as your HS/Elite/FA/troops 3) a Siege Regiment where artillery are your troops and Chimeras are your HQ/Elite, the Fast Atk stays the same and Leman Russ tanks (not demolishers) are your HS.

Howloutloud: DW reminds me of my 1k Sons army in that there are so few models and so few heavy weapons.....
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Default Re: Decisions.........decisions.....(long post)

seeing as you already have 3 other marine armies i would recommend you go with guard as to not become completely power armour dependant. a basic guard army is very challenging(and expensive) to play with seeing as we have 3-all stat lines and flak armour. but im guessing you'd rather go with the armoured aproach. artillery companies are rare mostly becuase they come with the low model count of armoured companies but dont provide the AV 14 wall that a solid line of russes does. it would be hard to play since most weapons in the game will be able to bring down everything bar the russes, and without plenty of terrain you'll be frakked. with terrain on the toher hand you'll enemy will be eating shells all month long without every glimpsing your guys. as to the fun factor: thats really up to you and your opponent, i personally would rather use(and fight against) a standard guard army, but artillery companies are original and different' much unlike marines which every other player on gods green earth plays. but if you do go with dark angels you do have the benefit of a new codex after the eldar according to our rumours board, and from your little list they would be alot budget friendlier.
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Default Re: Decisions.........decisions.....(long post)

Yeah, I have a future WE army planned for '07ish so that would be more Power Armor.
Looking across the 3 sites I posted this, it seems the Siege Regiment is preferred (not by much though). Most people think it is a cool idea for an army and have never heard of such a thing, that, and it is not a Marine army.

The cost factor is not really a concern. More so, the fun factor and that I would also be the first player in my area to ever have not only Guard, but an Armored Company.

I already have plans to apply those WW2 cute girl pictures you see on the planes, to my units, to give it some penache'. Paint on some grave stones that say R.I.P. on them to the gun barrels and really give this army some nice flavor.

I think seeing a bassie with some cute 1940's redhead in some skimpy skirt, holding an old "Coke" bottle or something, painted along the sides, would be pretty darn cool to have.

Hahaha! Brainstorm: I guess I will do both armies, AC now and DW after WE and non Res Orb/Monolith Necrons. ;D

If anyone else has some input to either DW or this Siege Regiment idea, post it up here.
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