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The Best Kill You Did
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General Stupidity
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Default The Best Kill You Did

hi, just wanna know whats the best kill you ever did, mine was when i was playing against smurfs, this kid spent all of his available points on a 300pt landraider and a 300pt+ 3 wound termie captain & a termie command squad. As he was so confident that he would win i fired a demolisher shot from my leman russ demolisher, and i hit, gotta ordnance penetrating and then a 6!!! vehicle annihilated! His face just looked like he'd been slapped with a wet fish, & the wreckage scattered and killed 4 marines!!!!!!!!!

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Default Re: The Best Kill You Did

It was is a megabattle, I captured Cypher (killed it).
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Default Re: The Best Kill You Did

Mortar Volley Maximum range took out Ethreal and the Shash'O (what kind of idiot places his two best units together knowing i was fielding mortars) : :
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Default Re: The Best Kill You Did

Mortars have the same strength as a bolter, you'd be pretty lucky to kill a crisis suit outright with a barrage of mortars.
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Default Re: The Best Kill You Did

My most satisfying kill was a game against Daemonhunters. His army was minced already save for his Grand Master. The Terminator had shrugged off small arms fire from several squads and I was getting annoyed. So I had my Railhead that had been finishing off his storm troopers a ways across the board turn its gun and after rolling to see fire a solid shot into the termi. Hit... wound... failed invulnerable. Thats gotta hurt. No geneseed to recover I dont think.

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Default Re: The Best Kill You Did

Avatar and single warlock kills 1 landraider, 2 dreadnoughts, 3 deathwing terminators and took 2 wounds off the commander.
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Default Re: The Best Kill You Did

IG massacring a Canoness and full SoB Squad in a single assault phase.

(OK, I committed a whole platoon but that's not the point...)
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Default Re: The Best Kill You Did

My Whirlwind hitting and destroying an Eldar vyper. I had placed the ordnance template over one of his vypers, but it scattered - right onto his other vyper! I then managed to roll 2 successive 5's to score a glancing hit and an immobilised result to destroy it.
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Default Re: The Best Kill You Did

Damn, some nice kills here.

I dunno, my trump was killing Eldrad Ulthwe with a bolt pistol at maximum range. Funny as Hell. He had just totally WASTED my Predator tank in hand-to-hand combat (tore the tracks off, blew up one of the sponsons...just WASTED). My friend had no army left, just the seer, and I let loose everything I had left on him. Missles, flamers, bolters, everything. Didn't even flinch.

In a fit of humor I said, "Eh, let's fire the Chaplain's bolt pistol, it'll be funny." BOOM.
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Default Re: The Best Kill You Did

My most favoured kill would have to be, when one of my plasma-pistol assualt marines took down a wraith lord. This in its self doesn't sem that memorable since it happens quite a few times. But the clincher was as I was just starting out that plasma-pistol was the only weapon I had left in the army that could of done any damage what so ever to the lord. My comander was still alive but he hadf a pair of lightning claws. My dread was ranged weapon destroyed and at the other end of the field about to be destroyrd by an avatar. The lord took out my pred on the first turn. So all that was left was that marine and pistol. And if he haddnt killed him I would of had an unstoppeble lord in combat amoungst my men.

That very same model is now First captin of the creamators, with the very same pistol, only after tht the techpriest saw to praying aand the result was that they saw to its becoming master crafted pistol.
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