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Skimmer Unit Movement Question
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Default Skimmer Unit Movement Question

Here's an interesting scenario that my friends and I talked about last night

Say you have a unit of three Eldar Vypers and the one on the end gets a vehicle stunned hit meaning that it can't move and shoot. The rules states that if the vehicles leave coherency the stranded vehicle automatically dies. The question that came about is that can the other vehicles move 6" while retaining unit coherence to gain the skimmers moving fast rule to reduce penetrating hits to glancing hits.

For example Xs are the movable vypers and S is stunned vehicle
Start End
S----X----X X----X----S

So is it a valid tactic of rule loophole?
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Default Re: Skimmer Unit Movement Question

As long as the vehicles have physically moved 6" or more AND are in formation, then yes, it's a valid tactic.

Only issue with it is that the "damaged" skimmer will not be protected if someone else does fire at the squadron - it will still be vulnerable as you distribute the hits among the squadron.

Also, it may be advisable to "combat loss" the damaged skimmer and move the other two out of range and LOS from ther enemy, rather than expose them to possible fire from the opponent that damaged the skimmer in the first place...
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Default Re: Skimmer Unit Movement Question

Hmmm... dodgy.

It could be argued either way I suppose... In a "regular" unit, even if one model moves, the whole unit counts as moving, so in this case, if one skimmer model moves more than 6", maybe the whole unit counts as moving more than 6".

However, if could also be argued that for the same reason, because a skimmer needs to end up more than 6" away from it's starting position, an entire skimmer unit needs to do the same to gain benefits.
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Old 10 Apr 2006, 21:52   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Skimmer Unit Movement Question

I wouldn't go with the logic "if one moves, they all move".

It is more along the logic of shooting at a squad of infantry that has some in cover and some not. If you choose to go after all the models, you allocate to all models and take off casualties accordingly, then the owner takes cover saves for all hits and removes casualties as he/she sees fit. If you "cheap-out" and say you're not going for models in cover, then casualties are taken only from models that are still exposed - out of cover.

In the case of a vehicle squadron, I suppose the shooter could specify he's shooting at the stationary one only, but normal squadron rules indicate hits are distributed among the squadron. Armor penetration rolls are then based on angles from target(s) to shooter. If one was shot from in the side, one from the rear and one from front, you would not roll for frontal armor on each vehicle - you would choose armor for the side for each vehicle, individually.

Glancing hits because of movement is based on vehicle movement, not squad-based movement. Each vehicle would get the bonus based on how far IT moved, not the squad. Same would be true for concealment because of terrain - if one is completely out of site, you can't shoot at it. But if one is fully exposed, it should not get concealment as a result of one that is.

- Shoot
- Distribute hits : 1 / elegable target until all are hit, then repeat
- roll AP rolls individually.
- roll damage individually
Blind Gunn

"It's not my tactics that are bad, just my dice rolling..."
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Default Re: Skimmer Unit Movement Question

Its quite clear in the vehicle squadron movement paragraph....

"When a squadron of vehicles moves, all MOBILE squadron members have to move at the same speed.."

Aslong as they all move the same speed, its fine.

"If any of the vehicles in the unit are immobilized or stunned for any reason, the rest of the unit must remain within 4" of them..."

As long as the unit ends within 4", irrespective of how far they move, then the stunned vehicle stays alive.

Its quite alright to move them, just having a model in the unit stunned/immobilized limits how far and how fast you can move.

5 hits on that squad would be rolled one at a time, at different models in the squadron.

Model A - hits 1, 4
Model B - hits 2, 5
Model C - hits 3

Model A and B both moved more than 6" so count all their hits as glancing, Model C didn't move, so if its a penetrating hit, thats what it gets.
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